THEM EVILS – Rollin’ Stoned And Livin’ Free (EP Review)

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Them Evils are a 3 piece from Southern California that play a mix of 70s bluesy rock, 80s glam and a hint of 90s grunge (in the shape of Alice In Chains). 2 of the band met in high school, Jordan Griffin (vocals and guitar) and Jake Messanari (bass) and they picked up David Delaney II as first choice for drummer.

THEM EVILS – Rollin’ Stoned And Livin’ Free

Rollin’ Stoned And Livin’ Free” is their third EP and I believe the first on Burning Records. The EP is produced by Kato Khandwala who also produced bands such as The Pretty Reckless (who Them Evils have also supported) Drowning Pool and Blondie amongst others.

Got Me Rockin’” has a decent stomping groove and has that Motley Crue type 80’s metal thing going on. It is the sort of track that would easily fill a rock metal disco, even to this day.

Next up is “She Got Nothin’”, a bluesy belter with a rather tasty riff which is more late 70’s classic rock. The main vocal line is sung with real fervour by Jordan and I imagine rather fun live. The opening for some reason sounds like it is being sung in a bathroom! No idea why. Folks who like earlier Aerosmith and second album Cinderella should love this one.

Have One On Me” is again 80’s glam, but the heavier end of it. There is some cool drumming from David in this, with quite a lot of the verses built directly round them. The heavier and more syncopated grooves shows off their abilities as players. There is almost a progressive vibe to this, but without losing touch of their high energy rock and rolling.

Possibly the best song on the album is “Practice What You Preach”. If one can imagine a chirpier Alice In Chains, then this is probably what it would sound like! Even vocally, it has a Layne Stanley (with Jerry Cantrell harmonies) sound to it. The bottom end kicks during the chorus.

There is a slight feel of them still trying to decide exactly which way they want to go. No doubt that they could do really well in the 80’s glam style, but I personally would prefer to see them play more in the 70’s style (well I am in my 50’s), with that more dirty heavier edge shown in “Practice”.  Whichever way they go I believe they will have success. I await what comes next with interest.

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