THREE LANE ROAD – Three Lane Road EP (Album Review)

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This Three Lane Road self-titled EP is issued as a taster for the band’s upcoming full-length album, where 3 further songs will be added to these 6. The album has not yet been given a title but is expected to be released early this year, also on Tlr Records.

They clearly draw their influences from the 1980’s hair metal era, which has consistently drawn plenty of flak, but we know the truth, right?

When played right, with melody and enough heaviness to keep it out of the pop pigeonhole, it just can’t be beaten.

Three Lane Road hail from Dallas, TX, and have fulfilled all the requirements for an accomplished melodic rock album. It has pace, punch, sweeping verses and choruses and pitch perfect solos which fit each song so well.

Strangely, for this type of music, there is no ballad in sight but I suppose this may come on the full-length release. Don’t get me wrong, there are changes of pace, but none slow enough to have me bowing my head, clenching my fists and drawing them to my chest to mourn a lost love.

Three Lane Road start the EP as they mean to go on with fast pounding drums, courtesy of Chuck Geisel, bringing in “I Want” which is a good introduction to what the band has to offer. The pace is maintained throughout and I’m happy already.

“Strange Way” opens up with a cracking lick which had me breaking out the old air guitar. It is a slightly slower track, more pounding and with a super solo from Alan Davis.

Next up comes “Dreams” a track Bon Jovi clearly forgot to put on 1988’s New Jersey. Need I go any further? Lines such as “If I can’t make forever maybe I can make today” are straight out of the Jon Bon Jovi songbook but this is no criticism, New Jersey is a wonderful piece of work. Two solos just top it off nicely also.

All through the record vocalist Wayne Brito performs well but on “I’ll Fly With You” he’s just lacking somehow. Whether it’s not pitched right for his range I don’t know but we weather that storm with melody, pace, and a strong solo.

Top drumming is the standout work on “Time Of Our Lives”, thundering along, carrying the rest of the song with it.

Finally, we have “Lift Me Up”, which is dotted with great riffs and is a smashing way to finish.

The highlights of this EP are the drumming and superb solos. I can’t wait for the remaining three songs and you never know, we may be treated to a ballad.




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