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Have you heard of Thundermother? Well, it’s about time that you did! Formed in Stockholm, Sweden the band consists of a quintet of ladies, guitarists Filippa Nassil and Giorgia Carteri being the original founders and after a long search involving several players before being joined by Tilda Stenqvist on Thundermother-3-1024x509drums, Linda Strom on bass and Irishwoman Clare Cunningham commanding the vocal position. Their particular flavor of rock ‘n’ roll could probably best be described as what
things might sound like if Australia’s AC/DC underwent a sex change operation with a little Sex Pistols attitude thrown in for good measure. I reviewed the initial Thundermother release, 2014’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Disaster, (Thundermother’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Disaster is Anything But) for Decibel Geek after seeing them perform at 2014’s Sweden Rock Festival (Meister in Sweden: You Wanted the Sun, You Got the Sun). Now about a year later the ladies offer up Road Fever for your considerations.

Road Fever leads off with “It’s Just A Tease” and while I loved the debut record, this song really shows the advancement of these ladies and the solidification of their cohesiveness as a band. Everything here is firing on all cylinders from the opening riff, the charging beat as the band kicks in and the sing-along-chorus are all sure to get you ramped up fist thrust up high in the air. What a great start to Road Fever, hope it’s not justThundermother Road Fever a tease! The album ups the ante even more as it surges forward with “FFWF” (Fight Fire With Fire) whose energy will have you wanting to break stuff! Thundermother does a great job of maintaining the album’s pace and energy that doesn’t let up throughout the following eight tracks, solidly holding my attention. “Alright Alright” keeps things going nicely while “Deal With the Devil” thunders and crashes forward (I’ve read that it’s an homage to Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead). “Give Me Some Lights”, another track that embodies what must be the major influence for these ladies, AC/DC. “Roadkill” is another supercharged, breakneck pace rager that again demands the fist in the air. I can’t wait to hear these tracks live, I do hope they’re at Sweden Rock Festival in 2016! “Enemy” is, simply, friggin’ awesome and may just be the crowning glory of Road Fever, it just grabs me somehow! “Vagabond” slows the pace a smidge, tapering back in a bluesy tinged track as does the lone cut over 4 minutes and not by much, “Thunder Machine”. Both tracks still rock, oozing guitar and vocal skills. The closing track, “Rock n’ Roll Sisterhood” seems a fitting homage to the band themselves and what they are all about.

I know what album is coming to the gym with me for my next workout!

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