Tony Harnell – “I Hated The Name (TNT)”

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Former TNT vocalist Tony Harnell was a guest on the Cobras & Fire Podcast.  When asked about the name TNT being used by AC/DC cover bands he said:

“When I joined the band in 84’. One of the things I really tried to convince them right off the bat, I tried to convince them to change the name.  That was one of the first things.  They got sick of it because I wouldn’t let it go.  I was like really harping on that quite a bit.  I really hated the name.  I thought it was generic.  I thought we’d have trouble with it in the future.  And I just didn’t think it represented the music at all.  I thought the music was lush and diverse and interesting and I didn’t think that name did our music justice.  So, it is what it is.”


You can hear the full interview with Cobras & Fire below.

Tony Harnell, the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and former vocalist of multi-platinum hard rock band TNT, and Magnus Karlsson, current PRIMAL FEAR guitarist extraordinaire, have rejoined forces for the release of the third STARBREAKER album! Entitled “Dysphoria”,(available January 25th on Frontiers) this new album showcases everything the project has become known for: metal sensibilities, melodic songs with killer hooks, thought provoking lyrics, inventive, intricate guitar playing, occasional prog twists, and a crisp production. Along with explosive performances from Harnell and Karlsson, these are the trademarks which the listener will find in “Dysphoria” and that make this album so very unique and special.

STARBREAKER started as Harnell’s side project while he was still fronting TNT. He was initially working on a solo record, with Karlsson, former TNT drummer John Macaluso, and bassist Fabrizio Grossi, but they morphed into STARBREAKER, releasing their first self-titled studio album in 2005. In late 2007, Harnell flew to Sweden to write the bulk of the songs for the new album with Karlsson, and started recording the new songs at the end of that year. The group’s second album, “Love’s Dying Wish” was released in August 2008. It featured new bassist Jonni Lightfoot, who replaced Grossi, and was produced by Harnell and Karlsson, with Tommy Hansen (TNT, PRETTY MAIDS, HELLOWEEN) serving as the mixer.
The songwriting for the new STARBREAKER album started back before Harnell rejoined TNT in 2016, but it was after his ultimate split from that band, in October 2017, that he and Karlsson put the pedal to the metal and quickly completed the new record, “Dysphoria”

Tony Harnell – vocals
Magnus Karlsson – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Jonni Lightfoot – bass  Anders Köllerfors – drums



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