Top Ten Albums of 2016 – Craig Terdich

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My top albums are simply the albums that I found myself going back to listen to over and over again. My taste may not be for everyone, but that’s what is great about the music we love. You never know when something is going to catch your ear. I look to Decibel Geek to help me find new bands. So here goes from 10-1

10 – Sixx: A.M. Prayers for the Damned   When I bought this album it was right when it came out. I was not sure how I felt about it. Then I caught the live show and wow! I really think the band is sounding better and better. I like this album better than the follow-up Prayers for the Blessed. I tend towards the more rocking songs. I like what they are doing. Standouts:  “Belly of the Beast”, “I’m Sick”, and “Better Man”.

Album Review / BUY: Prayers for the Damned

Sixx:A.M. Official / Sixx:A.M. Facebook / Sixx:A.M. Twitter

9 – The Dead Daisies Make Some Noise   One of my favorite singers in John Corabi, ever since The Scream. Cemented with the ’94 Crue album. I really had no idea what these guys were about until this release. Just discovering the album and love it. I am a fan of Doug Aldrich, really like his playing a lot. Standouts here include “Long Way to Go”, “Song and a Prayer” and “Make Some Noise”.

Album Review / BUY: Make Some Noise

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8 – The Pretty RecklessWho You Selling For      What I like most about this band, is they change with every album. The maintain their core sound, but they grow. This album tends to be more on the bluesy side and a perfect chill album when the noise gets too much. This band has a very bright future. Standouts: “Oh My God”, “Wild City”, “Take Me Down”, and “Who You Selling For”. Great newer band.

BUY: Who You Selling For?

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7 – Michael Sweet – One-Sided War     This album came out of nowhere to hit me upside the head. It’s not like I did not know who Michael Sweet is, but I lost touch after To Hell With The Devil.  This is the heaviest album I have heard from Michael. Blown away. The all-star band he put together did an outstanding job. Not a bad song to be found and did I mention heavy. Another album on repeat with me. My standouts are “Radio” (makes laugh every time I hear it), “One-sided War” and “Can’t Take this Life”. A gem of an album.

Album Review / BUY: One Sided War

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6 – MegadethDystopia  I am a fan to a fault with this band. This album from my first listen just stuck with me. From the first riff of “The Threat is Real” they had me hooked. I just truly found something in every song to like. I think that the band found a new stride with this album.

Album Review / BUY: Dystopia

Megadeth Official / Megadeth Facebook / Megadeth Twitter

5 – Alter BridgeThe Last Hero Ever since Fortress came out I have a new found love for what this band does. For a while, I could not get into them for whatever reason. Lately, I have found their albums very enjoyable. My standouts here are: “Show Me a Leader”, “The Writing On The Wall” and “Poison in Your Veins”. Very heavy album.

Album Review / BUY: The Last Hero

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4 – Korn – The Serenity Of Suffering  I have had a love-hate relationship with Korn. Some of their music sticks to me and some does not. This album has lived up to a return to form. I enjoy the heaviness. I can relate to the songs. Standouts from this album “Insane”, “Black is the Soul” and “A Different World”.  I feel like this is their most complete album in a long time.

BUY: Serenity of Suffering

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3 – AnthraxFor All Kings It is great to see another of my all time favorites have another freaking outstanding album. For me early in the year, this was on repeat on my iPod. I can’t even pick out standouts because one day it would be “For All Kings”, next it would be “Breathing Lightning” or down the road “You Gotta Believe”. Before  I knew it, it was the whole album.

Album Review / BUY: For All Kings

Anthrax OfficialAnthrax Facebook / Anthrax Twitter

2 – Avenged SevenfoldThe Stage   This album surprised me from the start. I saw the video for “The Stage” and to be honest I was like, OK. What the hell? Then I watched the live concert online and I was not impressed. I took a chance and I have to be honest this album is a grower. After a few listens I got it and really like where the band is going. My standout tracks: “Sunny Disposition”, “God Damn”, “Creating God”, and “Paradigm”.

BUY: The Stage

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1 – MetallicaHardwired…To Self-Destruct   From the first listen to Hardwired…To Self-Destruct I knew the boys were back. One of my all time favorites. Yes, there have been some clunkers in the past! Not here. My standout tracks are: “Moth into Flame”, “Spit Out the Bone”, “Atlas”, “Rise” and “Now that We’re Dead”.

Album Review / BUY: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

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There are probably a lot more that I have forgotten about, but these are right now all in heavy rotation in my car. I might not be as deep as some. Maybe a little bit all over the place. I like what I like.

Thanks Craig

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