TREAT Rock SABATON OPEN AIR (Concert Review)

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Treat Sabaton open air 2016.Swedish veteran melodic hard rock act Treat has been resurrected from the dead and just released a new album this spring. In 2013 the band announced they were calling it quits but a tour of Japan breathed new life into the band. With the addition of former Lion’s Share and The Poodles bass player Pontus Egberg, it is a revitalized band that enters the stage this rainy summer day in Falun, Sweden.

Treat was formed in the early 1980´s and put out a string of classic albums from 1985 to 1992. Always living in the shadow of the more successful Europe the band reformed around 2005 to put out a best of album. In 2010 the guys put out one of the best albums of the last decade with Coup de Grace. Six years later Ghost of Graceland saw the light of day. A more modern approach was taken to the songwriting and in my mind, although a solid album, it is no way near its’ astonishing predecessor.

Treat has decided to really promote the new outing and they kick off the gig with the title track “Ghost of Graceland”. The weather has been terrible at this outdoor festival and it has been raining on and off throughout the day. Despite the bad weather, there is a healthy crowd that has gathered in front of the stage. The first three songs are all from the new album with “The Devil You Know” and “Nonstop Madness” being next up. A daring move but it is refreshing to see a veteran band that dare to play and promote their new music.

Treat Sabaton open air 2016.
Pontus Egberg and Robert Ernlund in action. Photo by Mikael Svensson

The classic cut “Ready for the Taking” from 1989´s Organized Crime is greeted with a roar from the crowd. A heavy track with a lot of Whitesnake vibe it is a great live track. Lead vocalist Robert Ernlund seems to be enjoying himself and original member and guitarist Anders “Gary” Wikström delivers some great solos on this evening. They return to the new album and play another two songs; “Do Your Own Stunts” and “Losers and Winners”.

When they return to classic cuts like “Give Me One More Night”, “Get You On The Run” and “Conspiracy” they are rewarded with more people coming up to the stage. The performance is really tight and the sound quality is really good. There are no pre-recorded parts that I can recognize and the backing vocals are solid from the rest of the band. The band definitely go beyond my expectations and I welcome the fact that they have dropped a lot of the old “must play” songs. An encore with “Skies of Mongolia” (the best song off the fantastic Coup de Grace) and their biggest hit single “World of Promises” rounds out an excellent gig. In my mind the best performance of the whole festival.

With a few exceptions of personal favorites (they still do not play “Hunger” or “Fatal Smile” off Organized Crime) the setlist is refreshing with so many new songs. On this night they really show the youngsters how to put on a show. I leave the gig with a great smile on my face….

Treat setlist at Sabaton Open Air:

Sabaton open air 2016.
Pontus Egberg and Patrik Appelgren behind the keyboards. Photo by Mikael Svensson

Ghost of Graceland

The devil you know

Nonstop madness

Ready for the taking


Do your own stunts

Losers and winners

Give me one more night

We own the night


Get you on the run



Skies of Mongolia

World of promises

Rating: 8,5/10 Geeks

Decibel Geek Ghost of Graceland Album Review

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Review by Mikael Svensson


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