Tyketto Album & European Tour (News)


Tyketto Tour 2016Last week Tyketto announced some new album details via their Facebook page: (May 17, 2016)-There is SO much brewing in the Tyketto camp, we’re going to have to do this one announcement at a time. In a few short months, we will release a brand spanking new album via our old friends and mega label Frontiers Records. We’ve been working on this (yet to be named) beauty for almost 18 months. The general consensus is that this may be one of our finest works ever, but as always you will be the ultimate judge of that, now won’t you? We’ve tapped that live magic that Tyketto brings to our concerts and captured it all on tape….or these days, onto a laptop. It won’t be out until the fall, but we promise it will be well worth the wait. Global tour dates announcement up next! It appears that the planned release date sits at October 15, 2016.

As well as that news Tyketto have also been an addition to the West Coast edition of the Monsters Of Rock Cruise and the launch party but it doesn’t stop there as they have posted this tour date poster, listed below for those who don’t own magnifying glasses, on May 22, 2016. (information and tour poster photo taken from Tyketto Facebook page).

On MORC 2014 Decibel Geek‘s The Meister¬†was completely blown away by Tyketto and named them “Hands Down Best Show on the Boat”. The band has been a constant highlight for The Meister at events like MOR Cruises and M3 Festival with October’s cruise and album release holding much anticipation.

Tyketto Facebook

Tyketto (MORC-Brian Ronald)
TykettoMORC 2016 by Brian Ronald

June 2-Danny solo-Mexicali Live-Teaneck, NJ

July 15-Rockfest-Barcelona, Spain

July 16-Bang Your Head Festival, Germany

July 17-Chania Rock Festival, Greece

Oct 1-5-MORC West, USA

Nov 24-De Boerderij-Zoetermeer, Holland

Nov 26-Cluny-Newcastle, England

Nov 27-ABC2-Glasgow, Scotland

Nov 28-Academy2-Liverpool, England

Nov 29-Academy-Islington, England

Dec 2-Planet Rockstock-Trecco Bay, Wales

Dec 4-Robin 2-Bilston, England

Dec 5-Rescue Rooms-Nottingham, England

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