VESCERA – Beyond the Fight (Album Review)

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Vescera Beyond the FightVocalist Michael Vescera has inked a worldwide deal with Pure Steel Records. The Vescera name should be familiar to many from the late 80’s/early 90’s Loudness area, specifically the Soldier of Fortune and On The Prowl albums. If not there, how about Yngwie Malmsteen‘s mid 90’s The Seventh Sign or Magnum Opus albums? Or any number of other projects including his own MVP (Mike Vescera Project). Michael Vescera also lent his talents to Italian band Bastian and their Rock of Daedalus album. Check out David Glynn‘s Decibel Geek review of Bastian’s Rock of Daedalus.

Now Vescera has put together a new band behind him for his latest release titled Beyond The Fight available April 7th, 2017 courtesy of Pure Steel. The band on Beyond The Fight consists of ex-Nitehawks musicians Mike Petrone (guitar), Frank Leone (bass), and Fabio Alessandri (drums). The press release describes Beyond the Fight‘s 9-song, 38-minute runtime as “..melodic metal with a really heavy edge…”


The tone is quickly established in lead track “Blackout In Paradise”. Thunderous and furious drumming opens the affair with the guitar riff coming in shortly after. The thrash styled verses give way to a melodic tempo change for the sing-along chorus. The voice of Vescera here is, as expected, a selling point, although at the very start it almost didn’t seem to fit. After a listen or two it’s right at home and a fantastic track to begin Beyond the Fight.

There are tons of highlights contained in Beyond The Fight. The assault of the short, but pummeling (under 3 minutes) “Stand and Fight”. The real 80’s pounding flare that can be found in “Dynamite”  should see fists high in the air in a live setting. Hell, sometimes it elicits this action in my house! Songs like “Troubled Man” and the closer of “Suite 95” ensure the listener stays until the very last note.

Vescera and company have issued an engaging album in Beyond The Fight. Absolutely loaded with charging riffs and inspired tasteful solos abound. And, of course, the talents of the band’s namesake are in the forefront. Realistically I was beyond pleasantly surprised at just how much I like this album. It spreads like an infection, grows like a fungus with each rotation. Highly recommended!

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