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Vincent DiGerlando on Working with KISS! – Ep397


We get into some cool behind-the-scenes KISStory this week with our Conversation with Vincent DiGerlando! Vincent worked for Howard Marks Advertising for 14 year and, by proxy, KISS. Meeting the band in 1974, he would go on to design the iconic KISS Army logo! Additionally, Vincent had a major hand in several landmark KISS albums and products including the album covers for Double Platinum, the 78 solo albums, Unmasked, and Creatures of the Night.

Vincent DiGerlando KISS Army

Vincent DiGerlando

In this conversation, Vincent shares many interesting stories of working with the KISS team behind the scenes, the differences in design and printing compared to today, as well as his thoughts in hindsight of working with such a legendary band.

You’ll get cool stories about the creation of albums covers for the 78 solo albums, Double Platinum, Unmasked, and Creatures of the Night! Vincent was also involved in tour book design and has some interesting stories to share about working on such projects as the tour books for Asylum and Crazy Nights!

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