VINNIE MOORE and GUS G. (Show Review and Interview)

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It’s been months now Gus Gthat I’ve been anxiously awaiting to see the 2017 Gunslingers Tour featuring Vinnie Moore and Gus G. The night started off with some very exciting events for me. First, I got to do an interview with Vinnie that you can hear below! Vinnie is an extremely nice, down-to-Earth guy who has a very positive outlook on life, music, and teaching. We spoke about how even a beginner on guitar could potentially show a seasoned player something new, and Vinnie joked about me teaching him something in our private VIP guitar lesson with Gus later. The pressure was on! I have had two guitar lessons with Gus before, but now I had two guitar masters to try to impress! Both guys were very welcoming and made me feel at ease right away. As I sat down, Vinnie said “So, what can you teach us?” so I actually ended up showing the guys some cool arpeggio exercises I like to play (compliments of Nita Strauss) after which the guys proceeded to blow my mind showing me all kinds of cool licks and tips for playing. It was very inspiring to get to watch two guitar experts teach each other new riffs, remaining completely humble and open-minded the entire time.

Vinnie Moore

After the lesson, I could not wait for the show to begin! Sinful Lilly, an original rock band from Kentucky, opened the night with some high-energy rock n’ roll. Bassist Nikki Handshoe kept the excitement flowing with some intense crowd interaction and stage theatrics. Life Has Taught followed up with some more hard rock tunes for the audience.

Finally, it was time for Gus to hit the stage and I have to say the show gets better and better every time I see him! He played a selection of his solo material from the albums I Am The Fire and Brand New Revolution, as well as a new Firewind song “Back on The Throne” from the 2017 album Immortals.

Vinnie played a wide range of material, everything from old favorites off of his solo debut Mind’s Eye to new material from Aerial Visions. He even managed to squeeze in a Vinnie-version of Rush’s “Working Man” with Randy McStine killing on lead vocals.

Gus & Vinnie rockin at The Token Lounge

Both guitarists unleashed a fury of rock n’ roll chaos with their wickedly fast yet clear and articulate solos. Complete with the infamous “guitar faces” that every guitarist is familiar with, the guys rocked the house and showed the crowd how music was meant to be played and enjoyed. Bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Richie Monica kept the energy going all night long playing with both Gus and Vinnie and doing a fantastic job of bringing the songs to life. Dennis also nailed all of the vocals for Gus’ set – not a small feat, considering many of the songs were originally recorded by Jeff Scott Soto and Mats Levén.

To wrap up the show, Gus joined Vinnie onstage for some jamming and an Aerosmith-style version of “Come Together”. It was a great night had by all and one that The Token Lounge won’t soon forget!

You can catch Gus on tour with his band Firewind in Spain and Europe in 2018. Tour dates can be found at Also, check out

For more Vinnie news, check out

Interview with Vinnie Moore at The Token Lounge on December 1st, 2017:


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