Virgin Steele-Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation (June 23, 2015)

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Virgin SteeleVirgin Steele band leader and main composer, David DeFeis, says: “To sum it up this album is about….all the various ways in which humans can entangle themselves, or destroy themselves…so the album’s title essentially encompasses what the vibe of the whole work is about. The title relates to the album in the way that the title Noble Savage, or Age of Consent, expressed each of those particular works. The title provides a framework and connective tissue, but each song is really its own thing. Musically the album is pretty heavy, high energy, often dark, at turns melancholy, and at turns aggressive or angry sounding. It does have that over the top bombastic heaviness that we are about, and the whole Barbaric-Romantic thing that we are known for. There are big monolithic riffs, moody chord changes, classical type bits, sort of bluesy moments….it retains the Virgin Steele signature, but it adds new dimensions to it.” Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation is available in North America on June 23, 2015.
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