VIRGIN STEELE – Visions Of Eden (Re-release February 17, 2017)

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Virgin Steele Visions of EdenSPV/Steamhammer is proud to re-release, on February 17th, 2017 Virgin Steele´s Visions Of Eden as a 2CD digipack The first disc will contain a remixed version of the entire album and the second disc will contain a remastered presentation of the original version. The package will also include a huge booklet with new liner notes and unseen photos by David DeFeis.

Composer David DeFeis comments, Visions Of Eden is most definitely not about happiness, peace, contentment or eternal tranquility. It is, in fact, the complete opposite. It is about disorder, strife, struggle, dominance, the annihilation of a culture, the annihilation of a way of life, and the violation & annihilation of a human being. I have based this work around the history of the destruction of Paganism, Gnosticism and the desecration and eradication of the Goddess Principle that once dwelt so freely within Divinity. A massive blow was struck against these early beliefs, by first, the rise of the “Father-God” principle, and second by the development of  organized religions. The Visions Of Eden album concerns Lilith, first wife of Adam, (he of Biblical fame,as in Adam and Eve and the apple, the snake, and all that fig leaf and rib propaganda), plus ancient Sumerian myths concerning Lilith‘s relationship with Adam, Eve and God. However, that being said, in actuality, it is really about today…modern times and how we might have arrived here at this strange place we now currently inhabit.”

Visions Of Eden track listing:                      

1. “Immortal I Stand (The Birth Of Adam)”
2. “Adorned With The Rising Cobra”
3. “The Ineffable Name”
Virgin Steele 23.5.2010 Session Rock Hard - Festival 21. - 23.5.2010; Gelsenkirchen - Amphitheater, Germany4. “Black Light On Black”
5. “Bonedust”
6. “Angel Of Death”
7. “God Above God”
8. “The Hidden God”
9. “Childslayer”
10. “When Dusk Fell”
11. “Visions Of Eden”
Visions Of Eden was originally released in September 2006, on Sanctuary Records.
Virgin Steele formed in 1981 and have released 13 studio albums prior to this one.

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