VITNE – Aria (Album Review)



Norway’s VITNE (meaning “witness” in Norwegian) is a unique voice in rock. VITNE‘s style has been named “Zen Metal” by fans, but he is a throwback to the great music of the Eighties.  He blends artists like YesSisters of Mercy, Cutting Crew and Rick Springfield with the sheer pop sensibilities of a-Ha and UltravoxAnd, he has found a fan in me!


The album jumps out and grabs your ears.  The sound has a summer sound that is somewhat at odds with the gothic tones of the singer.  As mentioned earlier, he is a unique voice. The collection merges so many different genres together that it is fun to try and spot what it sounds like.

However, there is something refreshing about the music.  There is no greater escape from the stresses of real life than a little rock n’ roll and this definitely has that feel.  Guitars bounce from the crystal clear modern mix.  The drums don’t overpower, but power the sonic tapestry.  The bass is steady and the judicious use of flute and keyboards seems spot on.

The whole record is a kind of concept album based around Japanese anime and a story that I don’t wholly follow.  Never mind that, the quality of the songs is fantastic.  There is a joy that is completely at odds with much modern music.  When VITNE mentions his writing in isolation in Norway, you could never imagine any kind of sorrow at work in the background.  The only exception to this is the haunting melody of “Nocturne” where only piano drives the song.

However, that one slice of somber sonics is left in the wake of great pop rockers like “Vanquish The Night” and the second tune “Escape“.  The melodies trickle from the sweat glands of this man.  He has such a great ear for tuneful compositions that he could give lessons to more established groups like Journey!

Incredibly catchy and uplifting, you should catch Aria soon!  Like X-Romance, the Eighties are making a comeback baby – you better believe it!



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