VON BALTZER – Cultural Daze (Album Review)

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I have absolutely no idea how Von Baltzer got their name, and while that may be interesting, it is highly irrelevant. What I can confirm is that they are a Scandinavian band consisting of four experienced musicians who have got it together to produce their debut album, entitled Cultural Daze.

Von Baltzer consist of guitarists Christian Kjellström (Atlantis, RockXPress), Erik Palmqvist (Pork from Cork Ireland, Mickey Slim Band), vocalist Ian Parry (Rock Emporium, Consortium Project, Elegy, Ayreon) and drummer Magnus Jacobson (Miss Behaviour, Claes Yngström) completes the band’s line-up. Per Ramsby (Tribute, Foundation) guests on keyboards.

As alluded to in the album’s title, Cultural Daze, the songs are a commentary on today’s world. Recent issues in the world media and a view of life in a multicultural society provide a rich seam of material.

Musically, the album is most definitely at the lighter end of the rock spectrum. If you favor lightweight melodies, well lightweight everything really, then this could be right up your boulevard. The only heavy thing about the album is the lyrical content.

Per Ramsby is billed as a guest on keyboards but for most of the album, it sounds like the other musicians are guesting on his keyboard album. He is the driving force of Cultural Daze and determines the pace, depth and background on each track.

The guitaring isn’t really to the fore enough for me either and only really appears when it’s time for the obligatory solo, of which, to be fair, there are plenty.

Ian Parry’s vocals, whilst quite suited to this genre, don’t really have to power to carry these songs to the next level.

Cultural Daze is not without its highlights, such as the opening track “All Night Long”, which promises that the album could deliver, but ultimately falls short.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Check out the video below and if you like what you hear then just follow the link to make a purchase.

Cultural Daze is out June 29, 2018, on AOR Heaven.



[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSLdacMj5vY[/embedyt]


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