VULTURE – The Guillotine (Album Review)

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Thrash metal newcomers Vulture hail from North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, and have presented us with their full-length debut offering, The Guillotine.

The album is released on the ever-reliable High Roller Records and was produced by friend of the band, Marko Brinkmann.

Formed in 2015, the band first tested the waters with a debut EP, entitled Victim To The Blade, which they swiftly and confidently followed up by releasing this longer album.

Vulture consists of L. Steeler on vocals, M. Outlaw on guitars, S. Genozider on guitars and drums and A. Axetinctor on bass; all real names there, I’m sure. Despite these dodgy monikers, they are a tight-knit, disciplined unit who go out to rock and succeed greatly.

From the get-go (trendy phrase alert), you know exactly what you are getting –  fast paced, hard, riff-tastic thrash metal. It clearly harks back to the good old days of 80’s thrash when Anthrax ruled the world, with supersonic riffs and screaming vocals.

The band claims to bring the genre right up to date whilst noting the influence of Bay Area thrash, but to my ears, there is no real modernization and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

The Guillotine starts out at 1,000mph, slows down to 999mph, then returns to type.  I’m sure you get the picture.

The riffs are like runaway trains, the rhythm section is pounding and forceful and the vocals are a mixture of shouty, screamy, aggressive and threatening. The solos, which are numerous, are delivered succinctly and clearly, which is all impressive stuff.

For fans of Swedish speed metal, there is the treat of a guest vocal appearance by Enforcer’s own Olof Wikstrand, which will help spread the word for this new band on the scene, and the best of luck to them!

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