WARDRUM signs with ROCKSHOTS Music

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Wardrum“Imagine a situation where a drummer who loves to apply non-conventional drumming patterns into metal music meets two guitar virtuosos (one of them never uses a pick and owes his extraordinary performance to his fingernail technique), add a singer gifted with perfect pitch and a lethal high-range, top it off with a massive bass player who also happens to be a great producer and you’ve got… Wardrum!”

ROCKSHOTS MUSIC is proud to announce a worldwide and exclusive management deal with WARDRUM as well as per booking their live shows! WARDRUM, after the release of their 4th studio album called Awakening last October via Steel Gallery Records and in Japan via Spiritual Beast, join forces with Rockshots Music for the next upcoming shows supporting their best album to date.

Awakening is considered as one of the best releases of its kind, it is a pure metal album with a technical, but highly melodic sound. The gifted voice of Yannis Papadopoulos has a perfect pitch and a lethal high-range, top notch guitar works is handled by Kosta Vreto and J. Demian supported by a very impressive rhythmic session formed by Strutter (Bass) and Stergios Kourou (Drums).

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2lnpAEKUdY[/embedyt]

WARDRUM, based in Thessaloniki Greece, are Yannis Papadopoulos (vocals), Kosta Vreto (guitar), J. Demian (guitar), Strutter (Bass) and Stergios Kourou (Drums). They were formed about five years ago and their hard work so far has resulted in four studio albums and numerous appearances and tours. Since 2012 the band is on the top 5 best Metal bands aWardrumccording to the annual reader’s polls of the biggest Metal Magazines (Metal Hammer, Rock Hard). Wardrum’s 2 latest albums, Messenger & Awakening, were also released with special bonus tracks from Spiritual Beast exclusively for the Japanese market with quite a success. Awakening is considered as one of the best releases of its kind, worldwide. It is a pure Metal album with a technical, but highly melodic sound and is the first collaboration of the band with Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) which entrusted the mixing and mastering. Another strong point of Wardrum is their live performance, so take a close look at their logo and if you see it anywhere in the streets of your town, don’t miss the opportunity to check them out on stage.

BUY: Awakening

Wardrum website / Wardrum Facebook / Wardrum Twitter / Wardrum YouTube

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