wars – We Are Islands, After All (January 27, 2017)

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wars revealed their first official music video since signing to Spinefarm Records. It’s for the song “The Art of Not Knowing” from their forthcoming debut album, We Are Islands, After All, due out January 27.
“The music video for”The Art of Not Knowing” came from a really personal place,” says Rob Vicarswars‘ frontperson. “There’s this empty, unstable feeling you get when you start to question how well you really know yourself- it’s the kind of train of thought that can take you to some unnervingly dark places pretty abruptly. This song talks about confronting that issue, the ambivalence, and learning to live beyond it.”
 He continued, “The shoot itself felt like a real coming together of brilliant people. It’s amazing to have a cameo from This Is England‘s George Newton in there, and our leading girl absolutely nailed every scene. We’re unbelievably proud and excited to put this video out.”
wars are a 5 piece, UK hardcore band who began in 2015 and this is what they stand for:
“We are all wars. A fervent collection of coping mechanisms, toiling away at what often seems to be a hopeless, futile endeavor. Sometimes the wars we wage are against the politicians or the press; injustice and inertia, but the most important, the most poignant wars are the ones that occur within. When cognitive dissonance and imbalance and conflict simmers and spills, when the idea of the self is left unrecognizable, strewn and abandoned; when our heads and our hearts each side with opposing ideals, we realize we are all but malfunctioning systems fighting for a purpose, to create, to abolish that sense of worthlessness. Whatever the cost or the cause, no matter who you are, in the end, we are all wars.”
wars line-up:
Rob Vicars: vocals
Sam Barnard: guitar & vocals
Lee Tysall: drums
Matt Burns: guitar
Rich Bennett: bass
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suEchrTMkPQ[/embedyt]

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