We’re Now Mobile!……and Other Stuff

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In an all-important effort to get things cooking with the show, producer Marc & I headed into downtown Nashville last Saturday to begin, what we hope will be, several on-location recordings for the show.

As I’ve mentioned on previous episodes, we have a plan to include some Nashville-centric episodes in the future since we’re here and most of the local rock knuckleheads will tolerate my drunken buffoonery.

We started the night out at The Rutledge on 4th Avenue and had fun conversations with Andy, Benji, and Jenny. We’ll get to specifics closer to release date.

We also recorded a conversation with Nashville-Canadian hybrid act Hello Kelly and discussed such pressing issues as why their name sounds like a children’s toy line and why they are willing to admit to liking Nickelback. In all seriousness, they are a good group of guys and you’ll get to hear that in the future.

Next we headed down to Rockbar on Broadway and got some quick conversations with Darren from Piranah & Ray & Chris from Oblivion Myth. We discussed such earth shattering topics as Darren’s amazing cassette collection of bands you haven’t heard from in 25 years and Ray’s almost-demented dedication to the local music scene.

Plenty of shenanigans were had by all and you’ll hear lots of that stuff in the future (ie. when we get off our asses and edit the audio).

So, that’s a quick recap of where we stand. There’s lots more going on behind the scenes but we’ll save that for another time that I have nothing to share.

See ya soon!

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