Where You Come From – New York Ep228

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This week your hosts return with Where You Come From – New York; an hour-plus of music and discussion of some of the greatest rock music to come out of the Big Apple. New York has a rich history in music, especially the roots of Punk and Glam in the early 70’s and the emergence of hard rock later on.

Where You Come From - New York Decibel Geek Podcast Episode 228

Where You Come From – New York


This week’s episode intends to spotlight some of the greatest bands that come from this area. Included in this episode are great tracks from early pioneers such as Ramones and New York Dolls, early heavy metal from Riot, hard-hitting rock from Living Colour and Spread Eagle and the guys also touch on some guys from NY area that wore lots of makeup. It’s a big slab of awesome rock from the big apple. Enjoy Where You Come From – New York and SHARE with a friend!

Featured Artist:

Strikeforce – Official Website

strikeforce highvolmusic

Strikeforce appears courtesy HighVolMusic

iTunes Review:

Still going strong!

by Snake65 (MelodicRock.com) on Dec 26, 2015
RATING: ★★★★★

Old school DJ’s playing new and old music. Having an opinion. A good interview. And playing songs other than the “single”. If these are things you miss I suggest listening to this podcast. Now listening for over 2 years I can’t get enough. Some other i no longer listen but these guys hit the mark. Aaron and Chris play off each other great and you can tell they are friends, which lends to the positive feel.

Geeks of the Week:

Trevor Mcdougall, Talk Toomey Podcast, Joshua Toomey, David Alpizar, Ian Wadley (Rock and Metal Combat Podcast), Todd Cunningham, Bakko, Mike Stewart, Aaron Baker, Chad Pollock, Kevin Williams, Brian Knapp, Joe Royland, Sit & Spin with Joe, Rich Canamar, Derik Novak, Wayne Cross, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Billy Hardaway, Greg McGlone, Derek Leyba, Cool world, James Brendon Dunn, Marc Alden Taylor, Joe Lascon, Andrew Jacobs, Chad Wagner, Joseph Ciambelli, Brent Walter, Spicoli, Justin Ace Sixx, Kal Hinz, Billy Hardcore, Adam Cox, Hoops, Ernesto Aguilar, JasonR

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