WHITE WIDDOW – Silhouette (Album Review)

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When it comes to Australian rock the emphasis is often, usually always, on hard rock. AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, and Airbourne immediately spring to mind.

However, White Widdow, from Melbourne, have been releasing quality AOR for over 6 years and this latest effort, Silhouette, is no different.

Out on AOR Heaven (UK/Europe) and Third Verse (USA/Australia), this album has all the hallmarks we look for in top ranking AOR. Keyboard-driven, catchy tunes, the odd guitar solo, strong backing vocals, this has it all.

The opener, “Stranded”, is a case in point. Powerful keyboards start the song and then in come big backing vocals (almost choral) followed soon by a foot-tapping verse.

If there are comparisons to be made, the 2 bands which spring to mind are Mr. Mister (worst name ever) and Hall and Oates. If that sounds like damning with faint praise it probably is and White Widdow are better than those two I’ve mentioned.

Vocalist Jules Millis pitches his vocals just right and has that lovely smooth yet powerful tone required by this type of music. Brother and co-founder Xavier Millis is definitely the heartbeat of the band with his keyboard work at the forefront of the songs. Think Jon Lord-lite.

Guitarist Enzo Almanzi is quite often let loose and produces some outstanding solo work, on such tracks as “Wild At Heart”.

Many songs have the same reasonably fast pace to them but, fortunately, all have different qualities to them. Some more guitar oriented, some keyboard driven and some have their prominence in gang vocals. All are strong efforts.

The only real ballad comes along at number six, called “Damage Is Done”. The guitar work is the highlight with a constant background solo for the whole second half of the track. Very enjoyable.

Silhouette finishes with what is probably their edgiest song. Choppy riffs open proceedings and Jules Millis is at his shoutiest (it’s all relative) then Enzo Almanzi goes all Eddie Van Halen.

It’s a brilliant way to finish.

If you’re an AOR aficionado and you haven’t checked this out then I urge you to do so, it will be right up your boulevard.



[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAeEoZQzFcA[/embedyt]

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