Wilson – Right To Rise Album Review

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Wilson Right To Rise Detroit Michigan is responsible for a lot of rock n roll. It is Detroit Rock City after all.  One of the Motor City’s latest rock n roll exports is the quintet Wilson. Wilson first came on my radar during a discussion with Marty McCoy of Bobaflex. When I told him I was going to be covering Crobot at the same club his eyes grew wide and he interjected that I had to check out Wilson. “Wilson?  That’s a band?” was my response.  Marty knew they were touring with Crobot and said I needed to hear them. Well, someone’s ears at Razor & Tie must’ve been burning because a few days later Wilson’s latest release Right To Rise was in my inbox.

Let’s see I mentioned they were from Detroit. I mentioned there were five of them. What else should I mention? Oh, I remember. This record is fucking awesome. Since I first listened to it I haven’t once been constipated. Coincidence?

Incontinence issues aside they have a sound very much in the Bobaflex vein. Guitars played louder than Richard Simmons closet and lower than Donald Trumps Q score.  I respect a band more when they seem fearless in the face of stereotypes. WilsonThe song “Crave” brazenly rocks a slight dance drum beat complete with tambourine. And at no time did I feel under-dressed in my black t-shirt and jeans. And the almost techno beat at the beginning of the second track “Guilty (You’re Already Dead)” didn’t find me wanting to put a glow stick in my mouth or roofie some chicks drink. The point being you are either Heavy or not. And using different beats or electronic instruments won’t change that. So what is their sound? At one point, they describe it as Fuckery on my favorite track “Windows Down!” And seeing as how they named their first full-length Full-Scale Fuckery we shouldn’t be surprised.

So how would I describe their sound? Full handed cock stroking, dicks up, windows down, ear wax melting, high-octane, pounding rock to drive to the liquor store music! A Rock N Roll adventure for sure. Heavy as fuck and equally melodic. I should mention that “The Flood” is my favorite song. You can lead me to water, but you can’t save me.

Wil1If I ranked an album based on how many beers it made me drink this would be at least a 12. Hell, just the song “Hang With The Devil” is enough to slam a six pack on the drive home from the liquor store for Jesus sake! (Don’t drink and drive kids.) So here’s the thing. Detroit sounds a whole lot better after hearing this record. And if you like Rock music that makes you make bad decisions then you will like Wilson.  And you should buy it.

BUY: Wilson – Right To Rise

Wilson Official / Wilson Twitter /  Wilson Facebook / Wilson Youtube


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