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WORRY BLAST .44 (Album Review)


Worry Blast - Promo 2018Worry Blast have chosen to begin their .44 album with “Outta Nowhere”. Disgustingly appropriate seeing as that’s what happened here. They came at me hard from “Outta Nowhere”! This album is high-energy AC/DC influenced hard rock from the first second to the last.

Hailing from Switzerland, Worry Blast has apparently been around since at least 2013. I say that as their debut, Break Out From Hell, arrived that year. Two years later, 2015 saw the issue of the sophomore Hit The Gas. The guys have set stages for Scorpions, Gotthard, Johnny Hallyday, toured Europe with Nashville Pussy and toured Spain with Bonafide. This new album hitting shelves January 19, 2018, courtesy of Mighty Music is produced by Dennis Ward. Band membership entails Mat Petrucci (rhythm guitar/vocals), Allan Claret (guitar), Dann Collaud (bass), and Lucas Collard (drums). One would assume that the rhythm section might be brothers.


Worry Blast - .44 - Album Review“Outta Nowhere” starts off with a salty voiced intro reminiscent of the cursing prospector from the KiLLeR DWaRfS “Hard Luck Town”. Warning that “…in this world there are two kinds of people, those with loaded guns and those who dig”, the song simply goes off like a blast of TNT. High energy feel good hard rock that basically doesn’t let off the gas for .44‘s duration. Next up is “Dirty Mind” which Worry Blast have chosen as the lead video single from .44. Like the opener, it features an updated yet distinctly 80s influenced sound. Hooky choruses, tasty guitar work, and a driving beat.

The title track is a barn burner, a page right outta the AC/DC songbook and I love it! I wouldn’t be surprised if this one surfaces in the podcast I co-host (CGCM Podcast) in the next while. It’s a great pounding thumper and Worry Blast needs be known to the masses. The album rips along just like these first three cuts, right up to the closer, “We Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”, which makes me think of Twisted Sister even though the songs are totally different.

Final Thoughts on Worry Blast’s .44

This is a fantastic hard rock album from start to finish. Every song is memorable with catchy choruses and hooks aplenty. The only thing I’m not particularly sold on is the band’s name. Perhaps I just don’t understand the reasons behind it? Other than that, I’ve been non-stop listening to Worry Blast‘s .44 since opening the promo download. Now I need this on vinyl!

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