You Need A Backseat Surprise!

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You Need A Backseat Surprise
Now if you’re unfamiliar with, you should seriously consider adjusting that.  You’ll thank me for it!  The band is fronted by none other than drummer Darrell DWaRf Millar from the iconic Canadian band KiLLeR DWaRfS.  Darrell has moved out from behind the kit to take over vocal duties and leaving space for Adrian Cavan to step in.  John Fenton handles bass guitar and rounding out the line-up is Darrell’s song writing partner Carleton Lockhart, who plays his guitar strung upside down and without a pick.  If any of this sounds familiar, maybe you caught Wallygator’s interview with Darrell DWaRf Millar from May 24th, which you can re-discover here: even his show review from their gig at The Rockpile Bar & Nightclub in Etobicoke back on June 27th:  As you may have guessed the Canadian Hosehead Duo of the Decibel Geeks (The Meister and Wallygator) are big fans of KiLLeR DWaRfS and certainly  Darrell mentioned that there may even be a little something down the road for the DWaRfS, very exciting news indeed.  In the meantime,’s brand of southern flavoured straight ahead rock is getting quite a bit of airplay on Canadian radio stations and they started their invasion of western Canada recently, travelling in what they call the Zed Leppelin mobile.  I’m not sure what year it is, but they assure me that it has all the comforts of home, complete with wood-grain dash and cassette player (at least it’s not an 8-track!).  Ahhh, that’s the life of a rock and roll band on the road.
The Zed Leppelin Mobile
I was fortunate to catch their show on Monday October 15that the Mansion Nightclub in Barrie.  The Monday night time slot didn’t deter the die-hard fans from attending the show.  The guys were all available before the show to chat with fans, take some snapshots, sign autographs and have a beer with.  On that note, I should mention that the guys are happy to mingle with their fans and their merchandise is very reasonably priced with CD’s at $10 each and tour shirts at $25 only!  Of course you can also pick up some swag at and bring your CD to the show for an autograph and photo.  Darrell and crew started up around 10:30pm and treated the fans to a selection of tracks from all their CD’s including my personal favourites Back in the Sun from the Pocket Change CD and Forty-Five and Bona Fide from the latest, Backseat Surprise.  The band sounded amazing and are an extremely tight unit playing together as they rolled through their setlist full of high energy rock.
The Backseat Surprise Tour sees the band visiting the Western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Albertaand British Columbiaover the next three weeks.  Check out the detailed schedule at or search them on facebook and catch one of their performances.
Bona Fide, Dig in Deep, Sweaty Hand of Fate, Cinnamon Rain, Loose Lips, Livin’ Bitter Better, Milldog Blues, Hurts to Be Alive, Back In the Sun, Rock it Together, Forty-Five, Down to the Bone, Porno Queen, Drivin’, Rockin’, Lovin’.
The Meister

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