You’re Making Corey Taylor Hate You

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Corey Taylor-Youre-Making-Me-Hate-You-Book-Cover‘You’re Making Me Hate You’, by Corey Taylor

DaCapo Press


When behind the wheel of a car.  If you’re convinced that everyone on the road is an idiot except you, then Corey Taylor’s new book You’re Making Me Hate You is for you… or about you.  It really depends.  The third book from the proud Iowegian and voice of Slipknot and Stone Sour covers his observations of the decline of common sense in the human race.  The topics covered include the mentioned driving, children, music, smoking, drinking, airports, flying in general, youtube, TV, customs, Justin Bieber and well,  just about everything.  Even himself.  The only group of people he excludes from his wrath are the readers of the book.  He has anointed us the reader as above all the frivolity and have already shown superior judgment simply by reading this book.

Throughout the book while Mr. Taylor colorfully shares first hand accounts of the decline of the human race’s ability to dress themselves in actual clothes, there is at least a hint of his tongue caressing his cheek.  Until he gets to music.  Maybe it’s because he’s had his biggest success as a musician his rancor on the topic just seems too on point to not take literally.  From bands being all to eager to sell out for a credit card or home insurance commercial to acknowledging that no one cares.  He doesn’t name names (and in the spirit of his writing neither will I) when he references a well-known bands blatant use of Metallica’s black album on their own 2013 release or when another well-known band takes the entire verse melody from the Ozzy Osbourne song “The Ultimate Sin” for one of “their” songs.  I so want to say.  Even writing this I feel like the kid in class raising his hand while yelling in my head “PICK ME!  PICK ME!” but it seems as though that would undermine Mr. Taylor‘s purpose and who am I to do that?  I will say its more than a little depressing as it’s hard to ignore how right he is when it’s spelled out in black type.

In what must be an attempt at an olive branch Mr. Taylor even reserves a chapter for his own intellectual detours.  While quite possibly an unnecessary peace offering, if you had a story about the time a twelve year old you shot a hole in your Grandmother’s wall and successfully blamed it on a freak vacuum cleaner accident, you’d probably try to come up with a way to write about it too.

I really can’t say much more without specifically recounting and ergo spoling the book.  Let me try and summarize it this way.  If ever you find yourself in a social, traffic, travel or work situation thinking about how stupid someone or everyone else is as you silently grind your teeth and plot a fictional plan of cantankerous revenge, then you would probably find a release in this book.  Even if you’re wrong about the whole everybody else being an idiot thing.  It’s a solid read and it comes out July 7th.

Oh and one last thing.  USE YOUR FuckING TURN SIGNAL!

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