An Early KISSMAS Present – Support MAGIC!

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With KISSMAS in July starting in just a few days, we thought we’d go ahead and give all of you Decibel Geeks an early KISSMAS present. Our friend Ros Radley, a KISS photo and history expert is raising money to put together the ultimate, exhaustive document about the first decade of KISStory.


Magic – KISS Kronicles 1973-1983 is a book that provides a day by day account of KISS’ first ten years. Photo sessions, recording sessions, rehearsals, concerts, interviews, TV appearances, band/management meetings, record company meetings, band member travels and other personal activities will all be chronicled in unprecedented detail. This information has been researched and compiled from a variety of sources including all printed material on KISS from the past 42 years (books, magazines, newspapers, fanzines), official Aucoin management paperwork, official Casablanca paperwork, official recording studio log books, hundreds of audio and video interviews, as well as new interviews with photographers, roadies, record executives, costume designers and fans. No other KISS book has ever gathered this much information and organized it in a precise timeline. Every day, every verifiable fact, every KISS fan’s dream.

This book will be over 500 pages and feature hundreds of never-before-seen photographs!  If you are a KISS geek like we are, this project has the potential to be the greatest KISS book ever written. The only thing needed to make MAGIC happen is YOU! Simply go to THIS PAGE and make a pledge. There’s very little time left as Ros is in the final week of fundraising and if the financial goal is not met, no book. We at the Decibel Geek podcast/website truly support this project and hope you all will get behind it so we can make MAGIC happen!

As a gesture of good will and to help us ring in KISSMAS in July, Ros has sent us a few unreleased photos that will be a part of this book. Check them out and the information that goes along with them to get a taste of what is going to be an awesome book (as long as you contribute!)

Sam Emerson (1) copy copy

December 23, 1982 Irving, Texas, The Studios at Las Colinas. Creatures of the Night dress rehearsals/photo session with Sam Emerson. Vinnie Vincent wore Ace’s early lightning bolts boots from ‘74/’75 with the bolts blackened out and silver diamond design sewn on the knees. He also wore these for the official Creatures photo session for the tourbook.

KISS786 copy copy

January 12, 1983 Quebec City, Quebec.  This is a rare never before published photo of Vinnie Vincent playing the black B.C. Rich Mockingbird that Paul was later photographed with in the Lick It Up tourbook.

attachment (1)

January 14, 1983 Toronto, Ontario. This is a photo of KISS posing with Canadian concert promoter Nick Panaseiko, Sr. and his family. The little blond boy is Nick’s son Jay Panaseiko who was photographed in 1977 backstage with Peter Criss.

Purchase/Fund MAGIC – KISS Kronicles HERE

MAGIC – KISS Kronicles Facebook Page

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