Andy’s Buried Treasure- Hurricane Take What You Want

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Hurricane is a glam metal band that came out of the L.A./Sunset Strip club scene in the mid 80’s. Formation of the band can be traced back to Quiet Riot’s late, great singer Kevin DuBrow. The story goes that Kevin introduces guitar player Robert Sarzo to bassist Tony Cavazo in the early 80’s. Of course these are the brothers of Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo and bassist Rudy Sarzo. Wanting to form a band, they then recruited singer Kelly Hanson and drummer Jay Schellen.

Hurricane was part of the second wave of the Sunset Strip glam metal bands. Take What You Want was released in 1985 and was produced by Kevin Beamish. This six song EP is a powerhouse right from the start. They hit you with the one two punch of Take Me In Your Arms and The Girls are Out Tonight. Two rockers you can’t help but bang your head to. Last song on side one is the moody title track Take What You Want which slows the pace a bit but is a solid song. Side two opens up with the song Hurricane, which is a heavy tune that represents their namesake well. Next up is the ballad It’s Only Heaven which is a solid song of its type. They finish the album with yet another fast rocker, Hot and Heavy, a song that I just love to sing along to. They toured heavily behind this record which landed them a record deal with Enigma records in 1988. I saw them open up for Stryper in 1987 and they put on a great, energetic show.

For me this album is a treasure because it was one of my high school soundtracks.  I can remember listening to this album just cruising around trying to find trouble and have a lot of great memories associated with these guys. Sadly, they only released three other albums and never really got the notoriety that they deserved. You can’t go wrong with any of these songs, but if I had to pick one I would go with Take Me In Your Arms.

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  1. Todd Cunningham

    This was good but I believe Over the Edge is better with the hit song I’m on to you and the title track.

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