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Batch of Unpublished Vinnie Vincent Photos Surfaces


A former die-hard fan of Vinnie Vincent has supplied us with some amazing previously-unpublished photos that may have come from the former KISS guitarist’s personal collection.

Only wanting to be identified as “vvjunkie”, this former fan claims to have fallen out of favor with the Ankh Warrior after she made comments on a message board that, despite being set up as a fan forum, is considered enemy ground by the guitarist with its open discussion of all things Vinnie Vincent. After receiving a ban from Vinnie‘s official forum (and not wanting to shell out $500.00 for the new forum) she has decided to share these photos from his inner-sanctum. 

Early Musical Years

For those that don’t know, Vinnie was known by his real name of Vincent Cusano back in the 1970’s when he worked/performed with such artists as Edgar Winter, Dan Hartman, Felix Cavaliere, and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Laura Nyro. This photo appears to be from around that time.
Creatures of the Night Era
Finding new photos of Vinnie’s days in KISS makeup is quite difficult these days as his time in the Ankh Warrior makeup was so limited. This photo definitely appears to be from the guitarists personal collection and may even be a test shot used to help “get into character” for future photo shoots and performances.
Lick It Up/Invasion Era 
It’s debatable what era the 2 studio shots originate from. These 2 shots could be during the recordings of Creatures, Lick It Up, or even one of the Invasion albums. Anyone with specific knowledge of the date and location of these photos is encouraged to comment. The “glamour” shot us unquestionably from the Invasion era. Much discussion of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion can be found on the Rik Fox segment of Part 1 of the 2-part Vinnie Vincent special that we premiered last July.


The 1990’s & Beyond

This final photo appears to be from Vinnie’s mid-90’s KISS Expo tour of Europe. You can hear the detailed account of one of the tour’s organizers, Alexx Michael of Shameless, in Part 2 of the 2-Part Vinnie Vincent Special that we premiered last July. 

We’d like to now announce that there will be a Part 3 and possibly a Part 4 to the Vinnie Vincent Series that we started last year. We thought that we had tapped the well dry but have come to hearn many new things over recent months. We’ve had meaningful discussions with people from Vinnie’s early days all the way to new revelations of current activities of the former KISS guitarist that will surely surprise you (or maybe not depending on your perspective). Keep track of the show on this site as more information will be coming in the new year. Stay tuned!

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