Bobaflex Rock the Cabooze

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boba1I’ve developed what may be considered an unhealthy attachment to Bobaflex. Men my age aren’t supposed to be territorial about a band.  You see I had largely acquiesced to the belief that new bands had nothing of substance or uniqueness to offer.  It seemed as if someone dumped Disturbed, Nickelback and Godsmack into a blender and poured me a glass of Breaking Benjamin.  Have enough Breaking Benjamins and disenchantment sets in.  Bobaflex was the first of many bands that turned me around.  That made me feel like I did when I was 15.  Musically speaking.  Suddenly here was a band that didn’t seem interested in miming bands on the active rock charts.  A band that harkened back to a time when not sounding exactly like the other 20 bands on a festival bill was ok.  It’s because of that I hold their music so personally.  It’s because of that I’m so loyal.  It’s because of that a grown ass man in Minnesota is seriously thinking about getting a jean jacket just to put a Bobaflex patch on it.

Bobaflex 2So the band I like to call Bobaflex brought the rock to the Cabooze in Minneapolis. It may shock you to learn I was in attendance.  Playing direct support for Ill Nino on their 15 Years Of Revolution tour, I’m not going to lie.  I was there to see one band.  And hearing stories of Singer/Guitarist Marty McCoy being under the weather in the days leading up to the show I worried my Bobaflex fix may be in danger.  I talked with him before the show he looked like someone who was feeling fine.  He ran down a disaster list of things the Dr. found wrong with him.  I felt like making an appointment for myself just listening to him.  But he confirmed he was feeling better and he brought the rock that night.

The Cabooze is a fairly historic Minneapolis club that frankly needs a bit of an update.  The stage is in a horrible spot and a little small for a national tour.  The location of the stage may be part of the reason the sound is a little flat.  Or maybe they just need a new PA.  The room is long and shoving the stage in the middle of one of the long walls makes for awkward viewing.  Also they are largely known for a more bluesy clientele I’m not sure they know how to promote hard rock and metal.  I can tell you there were more people in attendance when Bobaflex played a headlining show at the now closed POV’s last summer.  Toss in the whole Danzig debacle from a couple of years ago and it seems the Cabooze may need a little help if they plan to continue with the harder rock bands.  But…

Bobaflex played an all too short dick sprouting set that made my shorts feel tighter. If there is an upside to a shorter set it would be that its all music.  Not that they are a particularly chatty band, but tonight it was an all metal and all Bobaflex songs played tighter than a Kevin Garnett tip.  Opening with “Start A War” from their latest Anything That Moves it never let up.  Playing newer tracks “Mama Don’t Take Drugs Away”, “Spider In The Dark” and of course ending it with what may be the best set closer in history of rock shows “Bury Me With My Guns On”.  Nothing gets the crotch juice going at a Bobaflex show like that song.

Bobaflex 3They skipped over “The Sound Of Silence” this night but speaking with Shaun McCoy he assured me that has nothing to do with Disturbed recently ruining rock radio (My words.  Not his.) with their version of it.  He said they are going to continue to play it so it’s omission was just a band decision.  I’m going to be seeing them again in a month at Rock USA in Oshkosh, WI. in what will most likely be another set too short for my liking.  But I’ll take 30 minutes of Bobaflex over none.  After the show, the band made themselves available to anyone who wanted to meet them.  Sign anything.  No purchase necessary.  Even if Bobaflex isn’t your flavor of hard rock or metal, we need more artists like them.  We need people willing to put their own identity ahead of any minor career bump that will benefit others far more than the band.  Bobaflex is always on tour.  Go see them.  Buy a T Shirt.  Buy a CD.  And don’t be afraid to like it.

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  1. I feel the same. I was hoping to see them here in Toronto but they ran into issues at the border and the show was cancelled. I guess i’ll wait until the next time they come by up here.

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