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Category: Audio/Video


Bizarro Covers 7 – Ep207

Aaron & Chris are back this week with Bizarro Covers 7. This hour-plus block of audio ear candy contains awesome rock/metal acts such as Within


Diemonds Infest The West

Originally I held back on writing/posting this concert review with the intentions of combining it with the final date of the tour, the official album

Queens of Noize 2 Decibel Geek Podcast

Queens of Noize 2 – Ep205

In February in 2014, we tipped our caps to some of our favorite female rockers in volume 1. We’re back this week to celebrate more

Iron Maiden Discussion

Iron Maiden Discussion – Ep204

This week Aaron and Chris return with special guest Billy Hardaway to discuss the career and catalog of British metal legends Iron Maiden. With 40

The Epic Episode 2 decibel geek podcast

The EPIC Episode 2 – Ep203

Back in 2013, Aaron and Chris set out to do something big, something grand, something…..EPIC. And this week, they’re back to do it again with

Viking Rock Decibel Geek Podast episode 202

Viking Rock – Ep202

This week we across the pond and way north to crank up some Viking Rock! Aaron and Chris return this week to head north; way

Radio Sucks Radio Show v22 decibel geek podcast

Radio Sucks Radio Show v22 – Ep201

After a big week of hitting 200 episodes and launching our brand new VIP subscription feature, we’re back to feeding you some ear candy with

Who's That Singer?

Who’s That Singer? – Ep200

If there’s one thing that is common amongst music listeners of all genres, it’s that they typically  like the familiar and resist change. We’re only