Talking to CHARLOTTE WESSELS of DELAIN (Interview)


Delain Charlotte Wessels Shawn IrwinAnd so began the first date of the Delain/HammerFall North American Tour right here in Toronto. The energy shot through the late afternoon air like electric blue lightning that you could almost see. The excitement level was so elevated that you couldn’t help but be carried away as if riding in a hot air balloon. At least that’s how we felt anticipating our chat with Charlotte Wessels of Delain.

Arriving at Toronto’s Opera House ahead of our scheduled interview we milled around near the front doors. The first date of a big tour can always be hectic and this was to prove no exception. With the excitement and the jetlag of the journey battling each other, the lovely Charlotte Wessels was finally able to catch up with us for our interview. She greeted us warmly after the band had finished their sound checking duties with a hug as we introduced ourselves.

Delain Charlotte Wessels Shawn IrwinIn this 14-minute audio interview with Shawn “Animalize” Irwin and Rich “The Meister” Dillon, you’ll hear Charlotte discuss the writing processes, artwork and Alissa White-Gluz‘s guest appearance on the recent Moonbathers album. Also included are thoughts on Delain‘s cover of the Queen song “Scandal” and discussion of the North American Tour. Charlotte encourages the fans to head to Delain’s page to pre-order the upcoming 10th Anniversary DVD, talks about her songwriting inspirations, and more.

Decibel Geek, Shawn Irwin, and Rich Dillon would like to extend severe thanks to Charlotte Wessels for finding the time during the craziness for our short chat. Special thanks as well go to Freeman Promotions for arranging the opportunity. Be sure to catch the Delain/Hammerfall co-headline North American Tour as it rolls through your town!

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