Conversation with Scott Van Zen – Ep280

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Guitarist and KISS co-writer Scott Van Zen sits down with the guys this week for a long-form talk about his life, guitar playing, and the experience of writing with our favorite demon, Gene Simmons. In this hour-plus discussion, Scott talks about his early years in central California. Inspired by a wide cross-section of guitarists ranging from Jeff Beck to Johnny Winter to Ted Nugent to Eddie Van Halen; Scott Van Zen worked his way through the ranks to become one of the California’s best guitarists in the 1980’s and 90’s. A musical partnership with singer Ken Tamplin would lead Van Zen to a friendship with KISS’ Gene Simmons. In this discussion, Scott talks about Gene’s influence not only in songwriting, but in business. His advice has paid dividends for the guitarist over the years.

scott van zen kiss gene simmons decibel geek episode 280

Scott Van Zen


Scott Van Zen penned numerous songs with Gene Simmons, noteable among them ‘Spit‘ for 1992’s Revenge album and ‘Hate,’ ‘In My Head,’ ‘Seduction of the Innocent,’ for 1997’s Carnival of Souls album. Also in this episode, Scott shares a story about an unknown contribution to 1998’s Psycho Circus album that hasn’t been revealed until now.

Scott Van Zen founded the highly successful Citrus Productions in LA in 1996. His production company, now Van Zen Music, based in Nashville, is working everywhere. Van Zen has written/produced the main titles, background, source music for a myriad of media: Paramount Television, Fox, MTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN2, WB, FOX Sports, VH1, Entertainment Tonight; etc. His credits include Extreme Makeover, Batman, Nestle, Hot Wheels, Barbie,  Nickelodeon, Justice League, Game Boy, Ellen, Entertainment Tonight, Max Steel, Kung Fu Panda, Big Brother, Hot Wheels, High School Musical, Major League Soccer”, Yugioh, “Cars”, Fox Sports and many more.

More from Scott Van Zen!

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Nashville Rock n Pod Expo Info

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Scott Van Zen will also be performing the night before the expo at the official preparty with his band Desolation Angels: A Salute to Bad Company! Go HERE for full event details!

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  1. Scott when I don’t feel like playing I watch one of your videos and I can’t wait to go into my garage and play. Your a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for the videos brother.

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