DEATH TRIBE – Beyond Pain and Pleasure: A Desert Experiment (February 22, 2019)

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Death Tribe is a project inspired by the suffering of warfare, spirit-breaking oppression and the refusal to submit to either. It is the sound of vociferous rebellion and defiant resistance. These songs are the long, throat-rending roar of one man’s defiance, one man’s resolve to forge his own life on his own terms and to savor every breath. That man is Anthony Kaoteon. Death Tribe is fuelled by his passion and Beyond Pain And Pleasure: A Desert Experiment is his legacy, his monument to independence, his eternal tribute to every man, woman, and child that refuses to bend the knee and submit.

“Come confess your mortal sins,
Sadistic violence, the trademark of kings”

Anthony Kaoteon now resides in The Netherlands, but he was born into the chaos and conflict of Beirut, under the looming shadows of corruption and domination, the disciples of radical ideologies poised vulture-like over his days and nights. However, Anthony Kaoteon was not born a man to blindly accept his lot – he was determined to shape his own destiny. While his songs were formulated in Lebanon, they were finally sculpted into Beyond Pain And Pleasure in Dubai, after Anthony had left the place of his birth to carve out a better life. In Dubai he found himself connecting with other rebels, others who had escaped the shackles of tyranny, from countries like Syria, Jordan and Armenia and several of these kindred spirits added their rage to Beyond Pain And Pleasure…, scarring the album with explosive vocal performances.

“Your judgment day is bound to come,
When humankind stop bowing to your crown”

As Anthony refused to accept the strictures of others in his day to day life, so he has refused to accept them in music. Death Tribe‘s Beyond Pain And Pleasure was conceived over a period of years and draws on sounds from different periods of metal’s development, a myriad of different territories within its vast country. Heavy metal, death metal, black metal, thrash metal… they all contribute to Death Tribe‘s DNA, each strand entwining with the next to form this vibrant, vital, cohesive beast of an album. By complementing his own remarkable musicianship with the skills of drummer Mattias Landes (Dark Fortress) and bassist Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura), Anthony has ensured that the dextrous performances on Beyond Pain And Pleasure… are breathtaking; this album is a virtuoso display of furious extremity.

“We who are not as others,
Condemn your acts as sinful pleasures”

Already known for his work with Kaoteon, Death Tribe is Anthony‘s most powerful musical statement to date. So much more than a collection of songs, Beyond Pain And Pleasure: A Desert Experiment is a staggering achievement against all the odds, the sonic distillation of absolute defiance. This epitomizes everything that metal was ever meant to be.

“I dedicate this album to those who keep chasing their dreams, to every person that was born with a tag on his forehead and defied the world to make his own statement heard – I will die soon but the music stays to remind those who listen of a man who didn’t obey” 
Anthony Kaoteon

PRE-ORDER: Beyond Pain And Pleasure: A Desert Experiment



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