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Did Vinnie Shredd the Halls? – Ep387


We’re giving you a KISSmas miracle with yet another Vinnie Vincent-themed episode. This time we’re covering the recent Merry Metal Christmas show. Chris and Aaron had lunch with several attendees before the event and got a few of them on mic to share their KISStories and their expectations of what was to come. You’ll hear from Kruisefest promoter Neil Davis, podcaster Mike Brunn and Vincent Larussa, Rosie Luck and her son Aleister and frequent KISSFAQ board poster Rip Rokken.

Vinnie Shredd


After the lunch interviews Chris chats with another attendee about his experience at the Merry Metal Christmas event from start to finish. Today’s guest Rick (aka Shecky, Poserboy71 online) has been a VV fan since the 80’s, witnessed the Invasion play live in 1988, and is very well versed on Vinnie’s playing and gear over the past 30+ years. He’s also a trusted friend of Chris and Aaron. With so much speculation on Vinnie’s playing ability due to a shroud of secrecy surrounding these events, we’ll get Rick’s take on what went down at S.I.R.

So, Did Vinnie Shredd the Halls? You’ll have to listen to find out! Please SHARE this episode with your friends on social media. Merry KISSmas from Chris and Aaron and everyone at Decibel Geek!

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Geeks of the Week:

Mike Grabowski, Dan Nation, Simon Catt, David Cathey, John Philips, Jeffrey Mendenhall, Aaron Martel, Eric Lussier, James West, Darren Parkin, Dee Stroyer Sr, Jay Szczeblewski, InObscuria Podcast, Rob Harris, David Glynn, The Bakery Podcast, Aaron Baker, Wayne Cross, Kristen Schembeck, Mike Parnell, Bill Elam, Andrew Jacobs, Christopher Stokes, Marc Alden Taylor, Free Form Rock Podcast, Andy Lafon, Todd Cunningham, Nate Atchison, Sean Cullen, Mikael Burell, Warren Edward LaRue Baker, Shane Hebert, Scott Crouch, Jeff Taylor, Daniel Lee, Eladio, Rob in the Hood, The Mooger Fooger

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2 thoughts on “Did Vinnie Shredd the Halls? – Ep387”

  1. I use your website strictly to listen to the Decibel Geek podcast, and when I recommend the podcast to friends of mine, I point them to the website to listen. However, I notice that the episodes that were recorded during the time the website was down, Sept-Oct 2019, are missing. Episodes 377-383 are missing. Is there any chance those episodes can be added to the website? Thank You.

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