Dokken Members Form New Project Without Don Dokken


Under the category of “Why?” or “But of course they are”.  The members of Dokken not named Don Dokken have once again joined forces to start a new band.  This time called Super Stroke.  Apparently they enjoy sticking it to their old singer so much, George, Jeff and Mick figured they give it another go.  This time with singer Robert Mason.

Jeff Pilson speaking with Glide magazine:

Since you are always doing something, what have you been up to lately?

I have a project that we’ll be announcing soon that is George Lynch, Mick Brown and I, from Dokken. We have a project with Robert Mason called Super Stroke. It won’t be coming out until well into next year but we’ve already written a lot of songs for that and it’s absolutely stupendous. I am really proud of that and real excited.

What does it sound like? Is it leaning more towards the Dokken sound?

There’s definitely some Dokken in there. There is a little bit of the straight-ahead Lynch Mob-ness in certain aspects but then another aspect we get quite musical. It’s not progressive but very musical. Some of the songs are pretty epic in their musicality. George is playing his ass off. I mean, the whole band is playing great, I got to say. And Robert is just an amazing singer and it’s so much fun. Robert is in Warrant right now, and he was the second singer for Lynch Mob. There’s a lot of connections in there. So I’m doing that.

Translation:  It’s exactly what you think it is.   Odds are this will never see the light of day.  No future announcement will be made and this will be the last we hear of it until the next time Jeff has a few weeks off from looking stoked to be in Foreigner.  But then again maybe it will come out and be cool.  Nothing wrong with more good music.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I think it, actually, will be released. There is a Facebook live video on the “Frontiers Record” page, showing the label guys in the studio with Pilson. He actually plays a sample of one of the songs & reveals that it will come out around mid-2018.

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