An Evening with Philip H. Anselmo

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diptic143115415Before we get started here, set aside everything you think you know about Philip H. Anselmo, frontman of the legendary juggernaut of a metal band, Pantera. Not to mention DOWN, Superjoint Ritual, and Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals. Oh, let’s not forget being the head of his own label, Housecore Records (the word “rest“, is not in this man’s vocabulary ). Now picture a man humbled, remorseful and dead set on rebuilding his name and reputation after the unfortunate events that took place at this years Dimebash. No need to discuss the specifics, we have all seen the videos and heard all the outrage and opinions made in the press from other musicians. The fact is, this man made a mistake, one that he should be given the opportunity make right. I should also mention that “The Kid” is looking quite healthy these days and has been sober since February.

When I first heard that Phil was doing a spoken word show in Louisville, I’ll admit, I was little taken back and not sure what to expect. Philip H. Anselmo, doing a spoken word show? Really? When you see Phil you expect brutal screaming in the face, not Phil sitting and telling stories. Right? Well, as it turns out, Philip H. Anselmo, is one hell of a storyteller. After a hilarious opening set from comedian Brad Sabbath, Phil took the stage. From sharing stories of the early days as a struggling musician to being basically homeless and sleeping in rehearsal spaces, to joining Pantera and thinking he was rich after making his first $200 from playing with the band, Phil was here to tell us any and everything about his life and career. Stories about the early days of touring with Alice In Chains and partying with Layne Staley and Ozzy Osbourne were nothing short of fascinating and hilarious. All these years, I never knew Ozzy was a doctor lol, you had to be there. Can you imagine listening Superjoint Ritual music only to have Phil singing the lyrics to songs by the Smiths because he had zero lyrics written for the Superjoint tunes at the time? Well, that happened.

The stories were great and there were too many to tell you about here. Just know that if he decides to do any more of these shows, DO NOT MISS OUT! After the storytelling portion of the night, Phil opened up the floor to answer any kind of question that was asked. No holds barred and no question unanswered. The much rumored/hoped for Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar? Yeah, that was answered as well. Too bad you were not there to hear the answer. My lips are sealed but don’t hold your breath.

The evening was capped off with a meet and greet that was included at no extra charge. This man stuck around, shook hands, signed autographs, and took photos with fans until the last one left the building. Man, what a night. Different for sure but so glad I got to attend because as of now, this was just a one-off hosted by Terry Harper Presents. Hopefully, Phil will take the road previously traveled by punk rock legend Henry Rollins and fellow metal head Scott Ian and start doing these kinds of shows more often. I am pretty sure Philip H. Anselmo has plenty more stories to tell.


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