Gundriver CD Review By MetalKate

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Gundriver What's Inside cover

I first stumbled on Gundriver, about a year and a half ago, at the Rockpile, in Toronto. I was helping my friend Ethan at his merch stand and the guys from Gundriver Gundriver (1)were right beside me working their table. Both Ethan Brosh and Gundriver were opening for Michael Schenker, that night. The Gundriver guys were cracking me up the whole night so I was already a fan of them as people, but when they hit the stage, I was blown away. As soon as I recognize that I really like a band, I buy a CD and a T-shirt, and this was definitely one of those nights. I had my CD for exactly 24 hours before I lost it to a friend that I played it for!!!

Anyway, that’s my limited but fond experience with Gundriver, and now I have the pleasure and honor of reviewing their new CD.

Formed in Hollywood, CA, the current lineup consists of Alex Rivas on drums, Crazy Tomes on bass and vocals, and founding guitarist, Tom Potter. With Tomes, so dynamic on the mic, they bring in Rev Jones as their live bass player.
Tomes is loud and proud at the helm of this band. His Gundriver (2)adrenaline keeps the band on a hard rockin’, foot stomping collision course with anything that gets in their way. They are full on, high energy.

Their new CD is party rock at its finest!! Their influences are undeniable, with AC/DC being at the top of the list!!

Gundriver‘s new CD, What’s Inside,¬†doesn’t disappoint, in the slightest! Written and recorded by Rivas, Tomes and Potter, this offering boasts one head banging, fist pumping song after another, ensuring that the party won’t stop!! It’s just true rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. Bare bones songwriting and a unique sound that just plain goes hard and fast. Each band member, bringing skill at the top of their game, this CD is authentic, to say the least. Gundriver are true life, real rockers.
So turn it up loud, and check out What’s Inside for yourself.

Buy: Gundriver-What’s Inside

Gundriver Website /  Gundriver Facebook

PHOTO CREDIT: Gundriver Facebook Page

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