The Heavier Side of RUSH – Ep285


Chris & Aaron return this week to discuss The Heavier Side of RUSH; songs that kick a little harder from the legendary Canadian trio. RUSH, formed in 1968, and solidified in 1971 with a lineup of Geddy Lee (bass/vocals), Alex Lifeson (guitar), and John Rutsey (drums) would find aid in manager Ray Danniels and producer Terry Brown. The self-titled 1974 debut album was filled with hard rock numbers reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. The band would ultimately break on the strength of the song ‘Working Man’ receiving airplay on WMMS in Cleveland. Rutsey, however, would have to retire from the road due to health complications. Enter Neil Peart. The multi-talented drummer had incredible skill not only on the kit but would go on to become the band’s principal lyricist. From that point, RUSH carved their own path; releasing trailblazing albums that straddled the worlds of hard and progressive rock; building a rabid following along the way. 40-plus years later and RUSH sit, rightfully, in the upper echelon of rock music history.

the heavier side of rush decibel geek podcast episode 285

The Heavier Side of RUSH


In this long-form RUSH-themed episode, the guys share their personal take on RUSH’s history, their influence, their legacy, and more. They also spin some of their favorite heavier RUSH tunes. Using it as a helpful guide, they also discuss the awesome new RUSH: Album by Album book penned by Martin Popoff and also share how YOU can win a copy!

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5 thoughts on “The Heavier Side of RUSH – Ep285”

  1. Peter Monk Craig

    Hey Boys…The Rush cast here was my first listen to you guys since…yeah, I’m one of those hardcore Rush fans you were speaking about. I’ve been a fan listening since I was a kid in the 70s and heard Fly By Night on Canadian radio in my living room in WNY at 10 yrs old. So as much as I appreciate the Heavier side of the band, and you guys are clearly into the heavier side of all rock, Rush became my fav band because they we well rounded and didn’t alway play heavy yet their chops came thru. Plus, they sang about stuff that was interesting and not about getting chicks. That was everyone else!

    You guys seemed bewildered about the “weird” stuff but I think they have been one of the only truly progressive bands and the longevity they’ve had compared to the other groups who defined Prog like King Crimson and Yes is evidence. I mean, Yes even acknowledged that by having Geddy sit in w/ them at the HOF induction sitting in for one of his idols in Chris Squire. That is the ultimate endorsement to me! And who else stayed playing together as a unit for so long to achieve those chops and sound? No body!

    Anyway, Ill agree with Aaron (?) who said his fav album is Clockwork Angels and I would concur. If you ask the band, they’d tell you what I have come to believe…The best Rush albums are always their latest ones since they were alway changing aspects of their sound, not being complacent or even satisfied all the time. They even stated that CWA was the first and only album they we’re all very pleased with and achieved what they set out to achieve. My 5 favs align w/ some of yours and will stay with the Heavy theme for the sake of argument.
    My list is: Anthem, 2112 ( all of it), Hemispheres (all of it), The Anarchist and Headlong Flight (talk about a jailbreak of a jam!!)

    I won’t bother talking about the rest as my overall fav list goes on and on…

    1. I just watched a documentary on them and they all say 2112 was there best album do to the fact that they had 100% creative control.

  2. Started out great, agree with you on the old stuff but to dismiss Farewell To Kings and Permanent Waves is crazy. Those records have some of their heaviest moments. Freewill has perhaps one of the best guitar solos ever recorded. Plus the shit rocks. And Xanadu from Kings is one of the best in the discography,….deep and heavy as fuck to those that are patient enough to revel in the prog mastery. You guys are great. My first time listening to you tonight because I’m such a Rush fan. You guys are obviously fans and I respect your dialogue and stories. Thanks for giving Rush props on your show. My favorite all time band. I’m an old bastard (50) and have been in the “biz” since ’84 so I’ve seen and heard a lot. Keep up the good work, I’ve truly enjoyed listening to your program. Thanks for giving the masters their due! –The Facemelter Rock Rage Radio

  3. First time listener…Pretty cool. I’ve been a Rush fan since I first heard “All The World’s A Stage” in 76. My brother had to play me the live version of Working Man…I was knocked out by the octopus, “the Professor” on the drum kit…no one played like Neil. I soon after heard 2112 and I was buying Rush albums myself. I have always liked their heavier side…I have to agree with Shawn Jeffrey that I don’t understand the omitting of A Farewell To Kings and Permanent Waves…Damn….Cygnus X-1…probably my favorite 70’s era song…I loved the strength of Geddy’s voice from 2112 – Hemispheres….Cinderella Man has those soft breaks in the chorus and the verses are plaid with acoustic but the song has always had a heaviness to me…I guess it’s the opening riff and especially the solo section. And Shawn ain’t kidding about Freewill…try to play each part…pick an instrument…guitar, bass or drums…that solo section is awesome! But I two have liked Rush because of their diversity I guess is what you could say…I love songs like Best I Can, Lessons, By-Tor and the Snowdog….but I can turn and listen to Closer to the Heart, Tears, No One at the Bridge, Lakeside Park….I also love Losing It from Signals…for me Signals was the last early era albums…not to upset any one, Rush is the most awesome three man band ever on the planet…but I never liked their decision to change in the 80’s…ie…Grace Under Pressure on…I have their DVD;s…I love watching them and I own all their albums but my heart still lies from 74 – 82…really Moving Pictures I knew they were changing but I was still OK with them…Signals was a big change. Then Grace…I stopped buying their records at that point…I was a teenager and I was also into Iron Maiden, Ozzy,…you know. Aggressive, progressive rock…that bit of edge, heaviness, raw power like when Geddy comes in on Temples of Syrinx “…Yes we know it’s nothing new. It’s just a waste of time….” the power in his voice…I know he was young and you can’t, ya just can’t continue to do that to your voice very long and still have a voice…but it sounded so great…”…Spinning, whirling still descending like a spiral SEE UNENDING!…” Ya….Aaahhhhh…Jammin’! but let’s do something interesting, inspiring, perhaps cultural like La Villa Strangiato…Madrigal is another softer side I really like and The Trees solo section…you notice a pattern, it seems to get heavier during the solo…I love the pounding bass and Neil keeping time on the ride cymbal…then Alex busts in…sorry…I’m gonna go listen to The Trees, and 2112, and A Farewell To Kings and….thanks for letting me comment. Everybody have a good one and keep jammin’.

  4. Great podcast Guys loved it nice doing something different on Rush
    Paul Liverpool UK

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