Interview: Leather Leone of Chastain

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Legendary metal vocalist Leather Leone (Chastain) gave the scoop to Decibel Geek about her future plans, influences, being a massive Dio fan and getting escorted from tour buses!

leather leoneDecibel Geek:  We Bleed Metal (Chastain‘s latest) is a great album, with fantastic vocals and guitar.  Were there any specific songs that proved difficult to record for this album?

Leather Leone: No songs, in particular, were more difficult than another.  The studio is always a challenge for me.  The studio is not my favorite place…I find it very claustrophobic … I am always extremely pleased when the record is done.  I have a love-hate relationship with the process!!

DBG: What are your plans for 2016 and have you any longer term plans around touring/recording?  Will we see Chastain on stage soon?

 LL: I am trying to get out on the road as Leather….I have found it challenging, as people want to see me with Chastain…that unfortunately, will not happen.  I plan on fighting to get on the road as much as possible before I hit the dirt…There is a constant flow of conversation …we will see what comes of it!!
DBG: If you could perform or record with anyone, who would be in your band?
LL: Ronnie Dio always.  I would love to do something with Phil Anselmo, Killswitch Engage…..As far as my band…I’m looking!!!
DBG: Have you got any favourite lyricists?
LL: Ronnie Dio, (Bruce) Dickinson, Megadeth, Veronica Freeman, In This Moment, many interesting lyricists out there.leather leone
DBG: What are your favourite songs on the record?
LL: I have been enthralled with “Against All the Gods” since I was working it out in my bedroom…The melody haunts me, and that simple harmony I put in the chorus goes right through me….I do believe we are fighting against them everyday!!
DBG: Do you have any anecdotes or stories you would like to share about the making of this album or your time in rock?
LL: I sincerely am not an artist that has any crazy, unusual stories. It has always been and remains extreme hard work and dedication…. I take it very seriously.  My time of satisfaction and true belonging are those few moments I get to share Metal with all of you on stage!   Of course, it depends on who you talk to….Let me say, I have been taken and thrown over shoulders to drag me off tour buses back in the day!!  Ha ha ha.
DBG: Many thanks for your time and all the best for 2016 and the future.
LL: Thank you…Love and Dio.

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  1. She’s great! She’s the real deal amazing voice loves metal I am fan for life Leather is Awesome! \,,/

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