JOHN CORABI – Possibility of a Union Reunion (News)


John Corabi Union ReunionJohn Corabi Union Reunion: Speaking with LC on a recent appearance on the Cobras & Fire Podcast, John Corabi talks about the possibility of a Union reunion. “We’ve talked about it before. Like, let’s just go out and do a month of shows and see how it goes.”

He also discusses the possibility of having the Union reunion on a boat: “They’ve (Monsters of Rock Cruise) talked to me about it, even the KISS Kruise. They’ve said, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of KISS fans that would love you getting back together, even just on the cruise.’ Again, it’s about sorting it out. We would have to rehearse, put a set list together. If Bruce (Kulick) and I got together to do an impromptu jam, 5 songs, dude it was like, you would think we were coming up with a cure for cancer, talking to each other constantly.”

John Corabi has been the lead singer of The Scream, Motley Crue, Union, the Dead Daisies as well as a solo career.  Other subjects discussed: How an Australian millionaire created the “music collective” that is the Dead Daisies, his involvement with Mick Mars‘ solo album, the possibility of a Union reunion, the growing legend of the Motley Crue ’94 album, a recap of his 2019 acoustic tour, and his upcoming solo album.

You can listen to the full Cobras & Fire John Corabi Interview 2019 below.

— Song snippets featured:
Midnight Moses (Dead Daisies)
Poison Apples (Motley Crue)
Last Time I’ve Seen the Sun (Dead Daisies)
Around Again (Union)
Song and a Prayer (Dead Daisies)
Dead and Gone (Dead Daisies)
Misunderstood (Motley Crue)


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