KISSm: Life in a KISS Tribute Band


KISSm: Life in a KISS Tribute Band A Video By Rockin’ Ron Runyon

KISSm - Ron's TruckEver wonder what it’s like to walk in the shoes of your favorite Rock Band? Well, if that band is KISS then you’re walking in platform boots. That’s just what Rocky Mountain area KISS tribute band KISSm get to do for a few shows a year. Michael Morrow (Starchild), Jeffrey Sekera (Demon), Craig Jahns (Spaceman), and Gregory Alan Koch (Catman) are talented musicians from local area bands that got together to live the dream of becoming their favorite band, KISS! One of those times was playing the Bobstock Music Festival in the town of Fort Morgan, Colorado and KISSm invited Decibel Geek‘s own Rockin’ Ron to see what it’s like. KISSm have been perfecting their “Rock ‘N Roll KISS show” for over 3 years and they pull out all the stops headlining this open air festival!

From putting on the makeup & costumes at the hotel to arriving for photo ops and being driven by golf cart to a local radio station for press meetings to backstage warmups to an electrifying show before an enthusiastic crowd to meeting their eager fans for autographs after the show. It’s just another night when you’re living “Life in a KISS Tribute Band”! This exclusive video presentation gives your ears over 30 minutes of KISS classics to enjoy, while your eyes get to see everything that goes into paying tribute to “The Hottest Band In The Land”! Something every KISS fan will not want to miss and you’ll only see it as part of our KISSmas In July celebration exclusively on the Decibel Geek Podcast YouTube channel!

Hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain of one of the premier KISS tribute bands in the midwest and please “like”, “comment”, and “share” to every KISS fan you know! \m/

For updates, upcoming shows, and discussion with KISSm go to their Facebook and like the page. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I saw the show last night at the Buffalo Rose in Golden. I had the perfect seat in the balcony to see the awesome show. This is the second show that I have seen. They all do an excellent job. I love they hand out roses before they play Beth.

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