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KIX Midnite Dynamite w/Brian Forsythe – Ep366


KIX guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe joins us this week to break down the making of KIX’s Midnite Dynamite album! Released in 1985, this album sees the band going in a heavier direction while also embracing pop elements and production of the day via producer Beau Hill.

In this long form discussion Brian shares his memories of the status of the band at the time. After putting out two major label releases, the average music fan would think the band was riding high; in this episode you’ll release it was much more of a struggle. Brian’s openness in this conversation is both informative and refreshing.

Midnite Dynamite

Midnite Dynamite spans 10 tracks. In this episode, Brian recalls his memories of the recording of these songs including details on gear that was used as well as some uncomfortable moments that led to this album’s creation.

We appreciate Brian “Damage” Forsythe for joining us for this in-depth conversation about the making of a KIX classic!

Meet Brian at the upcoming Nashville Rocknpod Expo taking place Saturday August 10th at Nashville Airport Marriott. Get your tickets at

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6 thoughts on “KIX Midnite Dynamite w/Brian Forsythe – Ep366”

  1. Brian is always such a great interview. Kix fans are fortunate to have such a genuine person in Brian as all the rest of the band is too. Just regular guys doing what they love.

  2. Fantastic interview love to hear Brian’s insights into the much ignored Cool Kids opus 🙂


    Thank you for this episode. BF was amazing. KIX rocks.

    How have y’all NOT heard Crack the Sky? Seriously, start at the beginning and listen to the next twenty albums. Amazing.

    I love KIX (and Steve is the best frontman, period), but CTS is my fav of ALL TIME.

    Keep on Rocking,


    I would love to hear Brian talk about each album and the whole scene, in general.

    KIX has a lot of stories (the Atlantic Records bill, the Van Halen unplugging, GnR, etc.)

    CTS would be a nice interview too. They did one album that is sort of metal-ish.

    Thanks again.

    And could you type up how to contribute to the Nashville event. And $50 to do what?

    Yup, this rocker is hard of hearing, so I did not get it all.


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