LAST BULLET – 80-69-64 EP (Album Review)

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Last BulletWhen we hit the stage we make it our responsibility to get your hips shaking, your heart racing and your head banging.”  These Canadian rockers have been around for seven years….I am afraid I know little more than that.  I know they are made up of Bryan Fontez, Brenden Armstrong, Michael Silva, Will Shannon, Chris Galaz, but have no idea who plays what…Maybe update your bio guys?

Anyway, regardless of who does what, this EP is hard rocking heaven.  From its arresting cover art to the end snot of “Little Miss Filthy”, the record reeks of attitude.  The opener “Sin” slides between your musical sheets like a sleazed up version of Soundgarden.  The singer sounds like he could have come out of Nineties’ Seattle and the grungy guitars fall somewhere between Malcolm Young and Slash.

From that, after having a shower to clean off the dirt, the band plunge into “GimmeTime” with its grimy glamor and almost Sweet-like riffage.  It shouldn’t work, but it does and the “woah” chants make it memorable.  Nestled between the grooves is also some really dirty ole’ blues.

The more Grunge aspects to the band raise their head with the down-tuned floating of “Bright Lights“.  It is like a leery Alice In Chains and it is peppered with spiky solos that judder the spine on impact.

Southern Lips” reveals a huge AC/DC influence.  The riff is like prime ‘DC and does seem slightly out of place.  However, it is a rock hard entry and merrily blows its own trumpet.

Last BulletCascading riffs come steadily with the downbeat vibe of “Smoke & Ashes“.  Strangely, it reminds me of The Almighty and The Four Horsemen and it has a sleazy crescendo that again makes me want to take a shower…

Closing out this fine piece of greasy rock is the aforementioned “Little Miss Filthy“, which again invades AC/DC‘s turf.  The salty dogs indeed!

Overall, not a bad EP.  For me, it doesn’t really scratch the main itch, but it is a cool diversion for summer evenings.

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