Legendary Rock Interviews KANE ROBERTS (Alice Cooper Band)

It’s not everyday you see a hulking machine-gun equipped guitarist that looks like he could rip your spine out through your eye socket. But, if you remember the Raise Your Fist & Yell era of the Alice Cooper Band, then you remember Kane Roberts. Kane may have looked like the musical offspring of Lou Ferigno but there’s no question that the guy could play.

Mostly known for his work with Cooper, Kane has also had a strong songwriting career; collaborating with the likes of Paul Stanley, Desmond Child, and Jon Bon Jovi. Combined with his solo career, Kane Roberts has been fully -entrenched in the music industry for well over 20 years.

Our friends at Legendary Rock Interviews recently caught up with Kane and got his recollections on his time with Alice Cooper, working with KISS in the studio, as well as his future plans.

Check out the full interview HERE.

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