LIZZIES – On Thin Ice (Album Review)

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Spanish rockers Lizzies return on October 5 with their sophomore album entitled On Thin Ice.

As you can see, it either has the best album cover of all time, or the worst, I just can’t decide. Either way, it follows a well worn tradition of New Wave of British Heavy Metal album covers of badly drawn efforts belying the true greatness beneath, and for Lizzies the 1980’s is where it’s at.

The four-piece mainly female outfit from Madrid purvey the kind of rock that that harks back to that period, but with a bit more attitude and slightly punky edge.

In my opinion this album is a perfect accompaniment to the self-titled album by French outfit (plus Ross the Boss) Shakin’ Street, a classic of 1980. Lizzies lead singer Elena even sings with a similar accent to Fabienne Shine of Shakin’ Street. When gang vocals are employed it is also reminiscent of another 1980’s legendary band, Rock Goddess.

From the off we have 11 of the catchiest tunes you’ll hear this year. It’s not super-heavy but all the constituent parts marry up well to deliver a top quality rock album. The riffs are hooky, the drums prominent and the solos outstanding. All this is held together by the great vocal performance of Elena. She has power, emotion and sympathy in abundance.

Formed in 2010, Lizzies released their End of Time EP in 2013 before releasing their debut full length album, Good Luck, in 2016.

On Thin Ice will be available via The Sign Records and is produced by Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Primordial, Night, Honeymoon Disease) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.  

Lizzies have played all over Europe to much acclaim and on the back of On Thin Ice I expect great things of this band.

Check out the video to “No Law City” below, you won’t be disappointed.




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