Löve Razër at The Linsmore (Concert Review)

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Love Razer EPThe power of rock and roll is a very uplifting enigma. Last night I needed the rise that only rock and roll and beer could provide. Here’s my personal blog that also includes a review of Löve Razër ‘s show in Toronto.

I had a hard day. The majority of it spent in a hospital some distance away from home. Without going into too many details we’ll just say that I have a family member who was rushed to emergency and has been having some ongoing medical issues. A hard and stressful day. The evening prior to that my good friend Olivier (and evil competition) over at Sleazeroxx buzzed me. He queried if I would be attending the gig at Linsmore Tavern on Danforth in Toronto. Windsor Ontario’s newest hard rock sensation Löve Razër was slated for a 9pm performance. You may recall that Löve Razër‘s debut EP, Rock n’ Roll Addiction, reviewed by Wallygator Norton appeared on our website back in May. Podcast hosts Chris and Aaron, sparked by reading Wally‘s written words, featured the song “First Class Bitch” on Decibel Geek Podcast Episode #239-Fresh Blood Vol. #4.

I jumped at the chance to catch them live. Then my daily plans were kiboshed rather swiftly with the early morning rush to a hospital two towns away (in the past we have found our hospital to be less than effective). As I returned home after the medical adventure, I went back and forth on going to the Linsmore. I decided to go for it. I needed the boost that only awesome live music can jolt me with. That and I had just the night before, upon learning of the gig, had organised to meet the Löve Razër boys for a quick interview.

The public transit trek takes me about two hours. This did not improve my mood. I arrived about fifteen minutes early and chose a seat at the bar. The Linsmore Tavern hosts Indie Night every Tuesday sponsored by Steam Whistle beer (a local Toronto brewery) with cheap pints all night long. I ordered a frosty cold beverage. Not really feeling sociable I buried myself in the televised Toronto Blue Jays baseball game and my lovely cold Steam Whistle. As time marched on and beers were consumed I just couldn’t face doing an interview after the day I’d experienced. My heartfelt apologies to the Löve Razër boys on that score. We’ll try to get something hooked up soon.

Love Razer at The Linsmore

Love RazerThey took the floor (there’s no stage here at the Linsmore) at a little after 9pm and tore the roof off the tavern 80’s style. The Sunset Strip is alive and well! These guys just rock, no two ways about it! Aside from the umlauts adorning their band name, Mötley Crüe is a clear inspiration to Löve Razër with respect to appearances. I found the sound here to be quite decent compared to what I was expecting after walking in.

The set included originals from the Rock n’ Roll Addiction EP as well as some of their newest tunes. Löve Razër slipped in back to back Mötley Crüe compositions “Live Wire” and “Shout at the Devil” paying a great homage to one of their influences. Rounding out the mix were also versions of Quiet Riot‘s “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)”, G ‘n’ R‘s “Welcome to the Jungle” and Bob Seger‘s “Her Strut”.

Unfortunately, even though my day greatly improved thanks to these Windsor Ontario natives, it would not last. You see, the next morning I realized that my camera was absent. I had lost it somewhere during the alcohol-fueled events of the evening. Not that it was a great camera. It was filled with dust spots on the screen, the image selector seized in one position thanks to a friend spilling Apple Pie shooter all over it. And the recorded volume sometimes cut in and out, a new trick just started. The absolute crusher is that I have lost the photos from Löve Razër and the videos that I shot. I have nothing except my words to show how awesome the concert was. And believe me, it was. See these guys live as soon as you can, but in the meantime pick up Rock n’ Roll Addiction!

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  1. If you are up to the trek they are appearing at Sunny’s Bar in St.thomas on August 5th.

    1. As much as I would love to, I’m not sure that I can get there by public transit…..will definitely look into it and try not to lose my camera this time….lol

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