Michael Sweet Says Bands Who Won’t Record New Music Should Get Out

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Speaking with Bakko on the Cobras & Fire Podcast, Michael Sweet shared his thoughts on recording new music even as sales dwindle.  Stating:

“I will pay to play.  And what I mean by that is if it ever gets to a point where I can’t get a record deal or there’s no money from a label, I will pay to record my own album.  When I hear bands, big bands mind you, that talk about how “It’s not worth it anymore making albums and you know we don’t make any money.” I just kind of laugh and I think, look why don’t you just sell your gear and get out.  Why are you still doing it?  Because you got in this for the love of it.  And now you’re just in it for the money?”

STRYPER will celebrate their 35th anniversary with the upcoming release of their 10th studio album, God Damn Evil, due April 20, 2018 from Frontiers Music SRL. Produced by frontman Michael Sweet, the band returns with their most powerful album to date, doubling down on the hard rock/heavy metal sound that earned them a worldwide fan base.

God Damn Evil is available now for pre-order at all major retailers including Amazon and iTunes. Limited edition pre-order offers are also available (see below).


Listen to the whole interview HERE.

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  1. Been a fan for over thirty years.. this guy is first class all the way. . And he tells it like it is.

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