New Noize April 2022 – Ep471


We’re back this week with all the rock news that’s fit to spit with New Noize April 2022! It’s been a heavy past couple weeks in the rock world with sad stories including the untimely death or Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and the reverberations felt worldwide from it. We share our thoughts on Taylor and some of the reactions to it including that of Ted Nugent.

Skid Row announced their newest singer recently with the hiring of former H.E.A.T. front man Erik Gronwall. The band released a brand new single ‘The Gang’s All Here’ featuring Gronwall’s vocals. We share our thoughts on the hiring of Gronwall, the firing of Z.P. Theart, and what we think the future holds for Skid Row.

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New Noize April 2022


Bon Jovi recently kicked off their latest tour and the press is definitely not going wild for it. A recent brutal review ,from their St. Paul show led us to find some audio of the tour kickoff show in Omaha the night before. You won’t believe your ears. Even worse, you won’t believe the crowd reaction to it.

Additionally, Chris Jereicho recently admitted that Fozzy does make use of backing tracks for their live performances and claims that “everybody does.” Between these two stories, it’s clear that there’s some not-so-great things on the horizon for the rock world and Chris makes his feelings known on the subject while pulling no punches.

Other stories touched on this week include Vivian Campbell reflecting on his bad deal with Ronnie James Dio, Tom Keifer publicly commenting on his late band mate Jeff Labar’s passing, Spike getting sacked from The Quireboys, and Ugly Kid Joe announcing a new tour; spoiler alert, the US is once again not included.

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