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On Assignment: Marvelous 3 Ready Sex Go Ep469


This week we debut a new theme with On Assignment for the Marvelous 3 album ‘Ready Sex Go.’ Here’s how it works. Each time, we seek out a fellow podcaster that we respect to assign us an album to review. We give the album several spins, in our own time, and then reconvene with our guest and grade the album on a A-F scale; going track by track through the album.

For this inaugural edition of On Assignment, we’re joined by Jay Scott of The Hook Rocks podcast. As a fellow Pantheon network member, Jay’s show has steadily climbed in popularity and regularly produces great episodes for the musically obsessed as well as fantastic interviews. We asked Jay to assign us an album that he loves and he chose the third, and final, Marvelous 3 album ‘Ready Sex Go.’ Released in 2000, the album completely flew under the radar of most rock fans despite getting modest airplay with the single ‘Sugarbuzz.’

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Marvelous 3

In this episode everyone shares their memories of Marvelous 3, how they discovered the music, and their links to Butch Walker’s solo material and Southgang. We, then, go through all the tracks from ‘Ready Sex Go’ and give our thoughts as well as our letter grades.

This album is loaded from front to back with power pop rock greatness. The hooks, the melodies, the production, the playing and more are highlighted. If you haven’t checked out Marvelous 3, Southgang, or Butch Walker’s solo material, we highly recommend you do so.

So, what do YOU think? Did we pass the assignment? What letter grades would you give these songs? Let us know in the comments. We hope you enjoy On Assignment: Marvelous 3 Ready Sex Go and SHARE with a friend!

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4 thoughts on “On Assignment: Marvelous 3 Ready Sex Go Ep469”

  1. Butch spoke in his book about this record and he was going for the big arena rock anthem record. The label fought him and that is why they left nEglecktra records via email and why the company never pushed this as they should of. Like he said, they said no one wants rock stars anymore, then they left and the next thing you know Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit aka arena rock stars were the biggest thing in music.

  2. Thank you for doing this. Ready Sex Go is on my number 1 album of all times, and CLLS it’s my favourite song ever. It’s been amazing to listen to this podcast!

  3. Thanks for the breakdown, it was always one of my favorite albums. I had Southgang, saw Marvelous 3 live, and was certain this was the album! But, I was also stuck in the world where music was still controlled by labels. I’ve seen Butch half a dozen times over the years, at unreal prices. Anthrax Stomp 442 and Shotgun Messiah Violent New Breed – 2 albums around that time that were dismissed, because they didn’t fit the mold. Still love new music: Sueco, MGK, Avril but Pantera still the king after seeing them at smaller clubs in 91 and 92. Thanks fellas!!

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