POWERWOLF – The Sacrament Of Sin Tour – SWG3 Glasgow (Concert Review)

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Powerwolf In Glasgow

Powerwolf and Glasgow meet for the first time

What could be more fun than a metal mass on a Sunday night with a rabid Scottish audience? Nothing I can think of personally.

Powerwolf came to Scotland and Glasgow for the first time and absolutely wowed the crowd. The metal fans in attendance also wowed the band! What a night it was. The band are known for fire and flames and a crazy stage show. Sadly they weren’t able to use any in Glasgow due possibly to restrictions. Yet like the master of theatre rock, Alice Cooper, these guys have the stagecraft and most importantly the songs to utterly thrill and entertain.

The noise when the band hit the stage with “Fire And Forgive” was incredible. The looks of amazement and delight on the band’s faces at the reaction from the fans was telling. They almost looked shocked! At the end of the second song “Army Of The Night” the band were treated to the first chant of “here we, here we, here we fucking go” from the crowd. This is very much a Glasgow thing and sounds amazing when in full flow. I have no idea if the band fully understood what the crowd were singing due to the accent, but they were loving it!

Powerwolf: givin’ it laldy in Glasgow (Scottish for doing something with vigor or enthusiasm).

Crowd and band as one

As for the fans they were loving Powerwolf. I am not sure who had the biggest grins, us or them! Before Amen And Attack“, singer Attila Dorn asked if we knew the lyrics. From the way the first verse was belted out I would say that yes we did. It seemed the audience knew the songs very well as time after time they joined in. With the band running around all the time working the crowd, switching places, gurning away throwing out some hilarious facial expressions, there was much to enjoy visually even without the flames. They introduced “Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend  by saying “we are here to sin, we are ALL sinners” causing cheers and a great vocal opening from the crowd. (Yes I am mentioning the audience a lot due to them truly being an integral part of the show.) The way we sang the last line got us all a round of applause from the band.

We didn’t always get praise as Attila ripped the pish out of us (or in normal English took the mickey out of us) for our attempts at the clap and chant opening on “All We Need Is Blood“. The audience laughed at all the digs and it made us try harder.

Powerwolf: Attila leads the Glasgow chorus

There were no problems on “Armata Strigoi” as the singalong was outstanding. This was one of several songs where everyone started chanting the band’s name very loudly.

One of the funniest moments of the night was when they attempted to get the crowd to sing quietly. Being Glasgow that was proving very hard to accomplish. It ended up with Attila lying down at the front of the stage. Adding to that Falk Maria Schlegel on the keyboards decided to join in making out he was tucking Attila up in bed. Again lots of laughter and cheers. There were also other moments of humor including when we were told to “shut up, I haven’t finished speaking yet” due to the noise and  asking the girls to scream like “I am a sexy rock star” and suggesting that the blokes imagine he is a “sexy rock chick” whilst hamming it up big time.

What a night

This was a fantastic show and for this year (I know it is early) will take some beating. Powerwolf have the attitude, the songs and the humor to become much bigger than they are in the UK and worldwide. For anyone who wants a great night out they really are a band to go and see. I can honestly say that myself and the 2 friends with a car that drove me back to Edinburgh were smiling and laughing all the way home and talking about the gig.

Brilliant! Roll on Bloodstock Metal Festival in August when they will be playing as special guests on the main stage on the Friday! Miss them at your peril.

Setlist: 1. Fire And Forgive; 2. Army Of The Night; 3. Incense And Iron; 4. Amen And Attack; 5. Let There Be Night; 6. Demon’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend; 7. Killers With A Cross; 8. Armata Strigoi; 9. Blessed And Possessed; 10. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone; 11. Resurrection By Erection; 12. Stossgebet; 13. All We Need Is Blood; 14. We Drink Your Blood; 15. Lupus Dei; 16. Sanctified By Dynamite; 17. Coleus Sanctus; 18. Werewolves Of Armenia



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