PR PROMOS #1 – New Music (Review)

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Welcome to a new feature at Decibel Geek, called PR PROMOS!  Each week, we receive significant numbers of awesome new releases to review from PR and record companies.  Whilst we can’t fully review all of them, we thought it would be fun to share some thoughts on a sample of the music.


MARTYRIUM – Children Scream for Mercy

These thrashers from Chile have produced a tight, well produced record.  Classic sounding, yet tinged with Metalcore too.  This promo is worth checking out.

Choice track: “Cynical Rhetoric of Priest


Austrian Groove Metal, which sounds a lot like Celtic Frost.  Not too shabby if your taste in Metal leans towards this genre.

Choice track: “Feared


GerMusica PR

NARNIA – From Darkness to Light

Classic Metal from the Swedish veterans, with keyboard flourishes.  Not really that dissimilar to many other bands of that genre.  Well produced and slick, it kind of passes me by.

Choice track: “You Are The Air I Breathe

TARCHON FIST – Apocalypse

More Classic Metal from the Italian band Tarchon Fist.  Hmmm…They do know that there is already a band that is a bit similar (cough, Iron Maiden).  Very competent, but not too original – good production and great crunchy guitars.

Choice track: “Lights of Fire


AFM Records

ELVENKING – Reader Of The Runes – Divination

At last, some decent tracks to rock out to with this promo.  These Italian power/folk metal veterans show great chops on this release and I love how the folk elements appear randomly throughout this high tempo classy album.  They have interesting lyrics too!

Choice track: “The Misfortune of Virtue

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY – Remixed promo

Brilliant set of remixes from these Norwegian innovators.  A real Gothic experimental album where their interesting back catalogue is remixed.

Choice track: “Machine

Thank you to all the record companies, PR firms and bands that send us music to review.  Whilst we can’t always review everything, we are grateful for you thinking of Decibel Geek.

Theatre of Tragedy Facebook



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